My new doxy doesnt seem that powerful

Hi everyone

Im new to the forum although not new to sex toys and in particular wands ;)

I have had about 4 doxy massagers in the past and I have managed to break them motor has worn out etc I have just bought another one last week and it isnt anymore powerful than the old one I have although it is alot quieter due to previous one motor on the blink.

Just wondered if anyone else found this with doxy also is the die cast more powerful ?

Happy Orgasms



I think all Doxy wands carry the same power - so one would expect new wand power to equal old wand power.
Can't help regards die cast as somehow I've never tried one.

I had a doxy and sent it back as it just didn't do it for me either. I've read great things about the die cast but haven't tried it.

Thankyou for your replues

I have read that the die cast is just more aesthetically pleasing but has no more power. I love my doxy but everyone is different xx

I have also read that Terri, and one reviewer even though the die cast felt a tiny bit weaker, I guess it's down to the material :)

I love my doxy must do as have had several just didnt seem to be any more powerful than the old one with the noisy motor through overuse

I don't have a doxy but have burnt several wands motors out. It'd be nice if they were built to function for longer and not burn out.

Sorry are you saying it's the same as your last one that has weakened from the motor ceesing up? If that's the case it's possible you're used to the strength and getting desensitized a bit. When I got my first mains powered my other wands (rechargeable and battery felt so inferior and got retired. So I'm thinking if you use it frequently that you could be used to the power level so it doesn't feel as strong as previously.

Just a thought hunni 💜xx

Agree with Slinky here, after four Doxy's you're probably just used to the power now so it doesn't feel as strong as it once did!