My next choice

I think I have finally made my decision on next item do you agree it is a good choice

It depends on what you are looking for. Read the reviews, find someone who is similar to yourself and judge from there.

I had that item but it wasn't for me at all. I went for the power play instead as it has a smoother tip which is more suited to my body.

Sorry for the late answer, only just seen this, we purchased the rabbit version of this and the OH just loves it, often find it out of its box hidden in the bedside draw after I’ve been away! If you don’t like rabbits then I’m certain it will still be a great choice, we felt it had wonderful silky smooth feel to it.

I have this, although it's no longer a 'go-to' toy. The quality is very good. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s very good quality as with most things Tracey cox has branded (the glass dildo set is one of the best) but I would read the reviews as I know some G spot toys can be either too curved or not enough. Compared to the fifty shades one you had it seems a bit thicker so it should hit all the right spots. I would suggest as your a big fan of the wand you purchased to check out the starlet womanizer toys:

They gently suck and vibrate at the same time and they give some earth shattering, toe curling orgasms! Have fun with the new purchase x

OK My next choice is going to be hard I want something bigger shaft than my G Spot that pulses
About 4.5 circumference preferably made from silicone like my g spot as it is so luxurious

This but bigger

Thanks LIL_KNOWN69 I am more into internal stimulation then clit i am thinking about a glass dildo also as sometimes I just feel the need for something inside me without the vibration

Sounds like you have it all completely dissed caritas! Ha for glass I would really recommend the beaded Lovehoney Dildo, it’s perfectly shaped and size for hitting all the right places

That is the one I was thinking about but I am not sure about the 5.5 circumference I think it will be far to big for a noob like me

I'm the same with wanting internal stimulation but I actually prefer not to have vibrations.

Glass is fantastic and loads of people will agree is I recommend the Tracey Cox set

Lots of different options and not too big.

AmyA that would of been my second choice, the set above is excellent not only for the price but they are beautiful toys and feel incredible both anally and vaginally. They are our go to glass toys ☺️

I will add the pair to my list to go with my wand attachment I can use my offer of get money off when spend £40

This place has far too many choices for a newbie like me I want to try all different things to see what I like best

So far the only thing that I don't think interests me is a bullet which most people start with

Caritas wrote:

I think I have finally made my decision on next item do you agree it is a good choice

I don't own this vibe, but used a gf's. I didn't get on with the shape of it, to me it felt odd inside and rather uncomfortable.

I have this glass dildo
Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo 7 Inchand I totally love it.
The feel of glass inside just blew me away. And I'm a reall newbie to toys. The spiral gives gorgeous Robby sensations, and the head is bigger than the shaft, which makes sliding it in and out right at the entrance amazing, and it easily finds the G spot. I keep it on a shelf, it's so beautiful to look at lol
Good luck finding your next choice. It's really fun looking through the site and comparing notes. I have an ever growing wish list - a remote control knicker vibrator like this
Or this
will win, I think

Haha! I should have proof read before posting. I meant I'm a real newbie.
And the glass dildo gives great ripply sensations.
If this was really on a man called Robbie, I'd love to meet him! And keep him!!

I really enjoyed browsing through these -

I saw some things I hadn't thought of, and a few things appeared on more than one list which I think is a great endorsement.

I've been putting all the ones that are still available into a Forum Top 5 wishlist so I can scroll through them whenever I'm contemplating buying something new.