My poor neighbours

My new rabbit arrived on Monday and it's fabulous. I decided to give it another workout earlier and my poor neighbours heard me. I thought I was safe having closed the windows and the noisy roadworks outside but it would appear my "pleasure" was still audible. Oooops! At least they didn't work out where the noise came from. Just that there was some odd shouting from somewhere 😳 I just agreed I heard the noise too and blamed kids playing now they are on school holidays 🤣

Ha! My neighbour is getting sound proofing done in the 6 weeks holidays. It appears as quiet we think we are, she still hears us 😂 oops

I always worry about this. We can get quite noisy, and with it being so hot at the moment we have the bedroom windows wide open. God knows what the neighbours think, we must be heard for miles when it's so quiet at night...

I always worry what the neighbours may think, we did have a heavy session once and an ex had knocked on the door and must have heard god knows what coming from the window. You just need to laugh it off and act like nothing happened 🙈

I was hoping my 72 year old neighbour was hard of hearing, turns out her hearing is spot on!

I think we are in competition with our neighbours. To be honest it doesn't bother us in the slightest to hear them having fun, we just nod at each other and smile 😀

Justthe2ofus2007 wrote:

I was hoping my 72 year old neighbour was hard of hearing, turns out her hearing is spot on!


Amazing thread, peoples.

We live in the country in a semi detached cottage with single glazing so only have one set of neighbours. I do feel for them becuase the OH cannot be quiet to save her life and sometimes they must think I'm murdering her.

I do think it stops the OH lettng go fully sometimes though knowing they are about.

I know my wife bites her bottom lip when she cums. It's because our neighbours both made comments to her when we moved in, that's not to say that she doesn't have the occasional lapse and screams out, it's just that she doesn't give full vent to her orgasmic feelings at home.

On on holiday is a different thing! Her thinking is that no one knows us so she relaxes and let's go.. Our hotel room buzzes and if we have a balcony the neighbourhood certainly knows what's happening. Happy times. 😂

The throws of passion took us the other night, my wife too like to be vocal but worries that people might hear! I on the other hand couldn’t care! But we got down to it and we were making a fair amount of noise! It’s only when I came while doing doggy that we both realised we’d left the windows open haha

A friend (who was well known amongst my mates at the time for being on the large size, always waving it about at any opportunity) met a lady on a night out and got on very well with her. Having been invited back to her place to spend the night he left the following lunchtime feeling very proud of his evenings activities. The girls neighbour was outside cutting his front lawn and wearily greeted my friend by his first name following her repeated calling of it the night before.

Even if he made it all up it made us chuckle at the time.

My neighbour is in her 80s and really quite deaf but I'm sure she (or, more likely her visitors) still hear us. In all honesty, I don't really care, I try to keep it down if it's close to/past midnight but other than that, sorry, I'm enjoying myself, if I'm noisy it's tough. And it's not normally for very long - by which I mean I only become extra vocal towards the end .

There's a young family two doors down from us and their kids are in the back garden from 7am to 7pm on weekends/holidays and they seem to be either screeching with laughter or screaming blue murder most of the time. I can hear them with the windows shut when I'm at the front of the house. So, yeah, I think the neighbourhood has more noise pollutions issue to worry about than anything I might do.

The joys of living in a rural area nobody can hear you scream. We do have to keep it down when we go camping though unless we have the site to ourselves. We stayed on one site right next to a river in Wales and there was nobody else except a couple of horses so didn't have to worry.

Heard my neighbour coming to orgasm several times. It's funny though because we only ever hear her after her husband has left for work! Enjoying some solo time

My hubby has been off work for a short while and we’ve spent most of it working on our relationship that was falling apart. Once we actually stopped and realised what was at stake. We had been really lax in the bedroom due to an physical illness but once we started what had been once a month if he was lucky became frantic couldn’t keep our hands of each other. I’ve come so hard and so often it’s a no brainer my neighbors must of heard we’ve totally let go during the day as the kids aren’t home and with the heat outside and inside the bedroom windows have been open too 😂. No-one has said anything though so it’s quite funny

When we were newly married we lived in a flat. We used to have fun, I laughed uncontrollably and I’ve never been able to have sex quietly. We apologised to our (very “proper”) neighbour if our laughter disturbed him. He said it didn’t. Then one night we were silent.....and we heard him clear his throat, not even a full on cough! I was very embarrassed......

(We still do have fun btw, that’s why I’m here)

We don't get on with our adjoining neighbours! They're noisy for other reasons, so we hope our sex keep them awake at night!😂 My OH has no problems using mains powered wand as loud as she can when I'm working nights! when it comes to spanking the louder the paddle the better! My OH has has never been quiet when having sex but theres no holding back now! It might seem petty but we can't think of a better way to get our own back!