My Poor Vibrater

Aw, poor you! I thought my Rabbit had died, but thankfully it just needed new batteries, lol (I can be so blonde, sometimes).
If you go for a new Rabbit, I'd recommend Lovehoney's Platinum Jessica Rabbit (there's a review for it, with a link to it, in my profile). It definately seems to be one of the best around, from what I've read/seen.
If you want to try something new, I thoroughly recommend the Adam and Eve G-Spot Glass Ripple Vibrator (again, check my profile for a review and link). It's by far my favourite vibrator, and I personally think it blows the Rabbit out the water. But it is all personal preference, I guess. Have a look around on sites and see if anything grabs your attention -- looking for a new toy can be great fun!