My Shopping basket for me and my new partner,What do you think suggestions welcome


Ive a new partner so im now wanting to have lots of fun untill the day we die...

Ive now thought of some fun gifts that we can both use,I dont think she has had any toys like vibrators so at the moment im not looking for anything thats going to really scare her,She has said she wants to try new feelings with me.

I do have a problem at the moment with me and thats my cock head is way to sensitve so i cum way to quick but im working on that one.

My Love Honey Basket so far: (Looks like fun may also help me from cumming to fast) (So many dice games so might choose some other one)

Stuff im thinking about not sure if it would be her thing:

Nipple pump (would get if it worked on men to)

Pussy Pump (Would get if its something that makes her more turned on)

Aprons for me and her (I think it could be fun just wearing that around the house without any clothes) Does love Honey do them?

I know these are all pretty basic but i dont want to end up scaring her with to many big toys just yet.

Hi :) personally I don't think all vibrators are that scary! I see why a rabbit or something of that nature may be off putting at first but a vibrator like this would not be too intimidating (in my opinion anyway!) Lovehoney have a mini vibrator section which may be worth looking at. I think the list you posted seems like a good start, however the door jam cuffs might seem a bit scary for someone new to experimenting with toys etc

x x x

Hi have you thought about making a wish list of things from the sight and letting her browse through it? Once she is comfortable with that then maybe have a look through the site together?

The key would be talking to each other and not rushing into buying something she may not like although Lh's returns policy is excellent



Im glad my list looks good first time choosing stuff like this,The dream bullet does look like a nice toy not intimidating at all for my eyes,Thank you for your comment about the door jam cuffs i thought of them because she seems to like to hold my hands/arms out so she is in total controll,I thought it could be used for me and her i would love to be held to a door all naked for some time so she could come and go and do what she pleases,while im stuck to the door she could be watching tv or in the kitchen and ill be helpless in that same room.

I was trying to think of toys that would be fun to try on both of us,Instead of me just getting toys for her i thought this way its less about her and more about us,If you get waht i mean. Thank you totallylamb I shall also check out the mini vibrator section.

Now thats a idea making a wish list,I do want to in time be looking on the site together as it would be extra special then.Thanks ghostgirl.

Oh god, being tied up to a door whilst naked sounds quite humiliating... I LOVE IT! Just... do make sure the curtains are closed...

lol Yea ill make sure the living room curtains are shut.

But the kitchen is a different matter no need to block out the kitchen window the risk factor would be low.hehehe

We were talking last night while cuddling in bed how she would like to get me some toys but for now we have to get my sensitive cock head fixed because most men sex toys just make me cum to fast,So at the moment we are doing the stop start methods when having sex or forplay.

I now wish i never masturbated so much when i was single as im sure this has something to do with me cumming to fast,I was never a fast cummer when i was with my last partner.

So getting things that isn't a direct enjoyment to my cock is the way to go now at this point,So things like door jam cuffs is a good thing because its something that would really turn me on and make me excited,I feel i want to be involved with her so being tied up to something will be just as good as something thats just stimulates me.

Wearing sexy mens underwaer does it for me aswell it turns me on wearing naughty underwear and she likes to see me in them and think about me wearing naughty different underwear.