Naff deodorant

I use a roller ball antiperspirant to keep dry for the day… Why do men dowse themselves in endless £1.99 deodorant sprays that smell disgusting. Oh dont tell me its the lynx effect. Someone crosses your path in the supermarket and for the next 3 minutes your breathing in their air freshner…
My OH bought my some JPG for xmas and its quality. I only wear it if we are going out or sometimes for sexy time coz she loves it…
Not sure if blokes do it to cover up the fact that they havent washed or something…
Anyway this isnt a rant, I was just wondering how much you ladies like the cheap pong… :grin:

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i will still also go with ‘somethings better than nothing’ !!

i spend most my working day with lads on tools… a sweaty stinky bloke is never liked

Totally agree - it’s better to smell cheap over smelling of bo


Having worked in an extremely hot steel mill, i always used deodorant cos otherwise you’d stink of sweat and slurry.
Nowadays in a completely different and much colder job, i still wear deodorant and a spritz of a decent scent, such as Issi Miyaki or JPG. Some of the cheap stuff smells pretty sickly.


Just buy a decent antiperspirant then you won’t need to cover up any bad smells! :sweat_smile: I’m not a fan of cheap deodorants (or any strong smelling sprays to be honest)

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Loved the disclaimer at the end of your rant :laughing::laughing:

I prefer deodorant over anti perspirant, because your body still needs to sweat. Sweat doesn’t smell bad, provided the body has been recently washed.

I love the natural scent of a warm body thats been lived in for a few hours. If he has used body spray and we’re getting naked, we go to the shower first. I’m not kissing and licking a mouthful of spray.

When I’m out, I much prefer smelling someones laundry detergent/fabric softener, than their cologne or spray. I love the smell of clean.

I use Wild deodorant myself and love YSL scents, very different to what I like on a man :laughing:


I don’t like to wear cheap shit as you get what you pay for same with the ladies perfume I think it’s really off putting ? Don’t get me wrong there are reasons especially at work in a hot environment I always have deodorant with me in my work bag and a spare in my desk so I would like to think I well covered for every stinkuality :skunk: :+1:

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do you know of a man called Rhod Gilbert !!!

@Davey123 your rants are entertaining, I can imagine you with a podcast. If we give you a random keyword I’m becoming more confident you’ll have a rant for it :joy:

As for your question I technically don’t care as I was born without the ability to smell. But he does spray something, no idea if it does the job :woman_shrugging: he says it does. But he’s also one of those who says his natural “musk” smells great as well. I am not qualified to argue with him. I just say “you look like you stink” and he rolls his eyes.

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@JoCat 100% antiperspirants scare me, you need to sweat. Your boobies (all genders) are right there as are some lymph nodes.

I actually love lynx Africa on a man…reminds me of my younger naughty days :laughing:

Wild deodorant is absolutely my favourite x

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I don’t mind if someone has been sweaty that day, it’s the ones who don’t wash or change their clothes that have that awful BO smell. I find a lot of perfumes, aftershave or anything strong affect my throat and can make me feel wheezy. A decent deodorant without aluminium in it works for me. Like a couple of you have said, we need to sweat and the idea of putting aluminium near my lymph nodes sounds like a bad idea to me. But I don’t think research agrees with me on that one just yet.

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I personally wear a roll on for work but other sprays when not in work. I don’t stink and don’t wear anything to cover anything up, I just like to smell nice and want others to think the same of me. Absolutely nothing wrong with a little self care and hygiene or making sure you smell good for others, even if you’re not after any attention!