Naked in the sauna?

We booked into a hotel in Austria last year and were keen to use the Spa facilities as it's something we both enjoy when on holiday. We were surprised to discover the Spa rules enforced being naked when using the pool, sauna and steam rooms and also the large jacuzzi.

I have since discovered that this is quite common in quite a few European spa's but it's not something we have come across before. Hubby was quite relaxed about the idea but I took a little more convincing to actually walk around naked, but once we got used to the idea, I really loved the sense of freedom. There we always about 20 or 30 mostly couples in the large Spa area and I quickly realised no one actually takes any notice of you other than a quick glance. Swimming naked in the large pool was quite liberating and the large jacuzzi was wonderful except hubby sucomed to the ambience and the warm bubbles and became shall we say a little exited so had to calm down down before he got out!

Quite a few fellow hotel guests (mostly English) complained that they definitely would not strip in public which really was shame. We neither of us have wonderful figures but after the first few minutes you realise that you are no different to everyone else.

Would you feel comfortable about walking around naked in this situation? I would love to hear your response, (Mrs close couple)

I'm really self conscious about my body but, I suppose if it was just the done thing there then no, I wouldn't have a problem. Let's face it - sauna = steam, jacuzzi = bubbles and swimming = underwater - so how often are you realistically completely bared to all? We're all the same, just because I'm more wobbly than someone else doesn't mean there should be shame in either one of us being naked. I think it's of the problems of British culture, we're so prudish about our bodies

For "correct" saunaing you are supposed to be naked so the sweat can evaporate freely (my parent's house had a sauna and at the time I read all instruction manuals that came my way). And I just realize that that must be the reason why the (smallish) spa area of my hotel in Lanzarote was reserved for me alone - I didn't cotton on at the time (and wore my swimsuit).

As a naturist this is my preference as it is way more comfortable.

Clothing in the sauna actually harbours bacteria so being naked is more hygienic. Shower first and simply sit on your towel.

There's a few naturist spas in the UK, though I wish a more European attitude was adopted here.

Well I have yet to be to y'alls neck of the woods but more travel outside North America is definately on my bucket list. I have stayed at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas many times and there are usually a few Europeans who use the spa hot and cold tubs / sauna and steam room naked. My only reason for not joining them was fear of running into a coworker or customer.

If I am at a spa and using the steam room I generally strip down naked and sit with the towel wrapped around me if others are present but if I am alone I prefer to be naked.

i wouldnt like that,,similar thing happened to me when i was younger...started playing football for a youth team...1st game we were told to get naked n have a shower,,i had played for 8 years n never had to do this before,,,bein self concious i couldnt do it,,,,,,

i wont be goin to that spa lol

Personally I wouldn't mind . I would need to get aclimatised first otherwise somehing else will start making its presence known on the first naked woman I came accross .

My partner I am afraid is a typical prudish Brit . Unlike me she isn't body confident at all . She wasn't keen on the idea when our son was about 6 years old in going in a public baths wearing a swim suit when he first started learing to swim .So to go naked , no chance , more chance of winning the lottery .![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

I'd be ok once I was in the pool, but Allingham around starkers would test my courage.

VioletWolf wrote:

I think it's of the problems of British culture, we're so prudish about our bodies

I believe people of many nationalities who feel, um... self-conscious tend to be like that, it is hardly peculiar to the British...

When I am alone at my flat, I don't mind staying naked (provided it is warm enough, obviously), or I may only wear my knickers. But frankly, I never feel like stripping down in public (I would not even go swimming, swimming costumes show off far too much of my horrid, ravaged skin) because... well... my body would make most people throw up.

Oh, where was that place in Austria? Could you please let me know the name? We are planning a little get away soon, might consider that!

I am very body conscious, but in all honesty, my worst parts are uncovered anyway by a two-piece swimming suit, so uncovering the rest is not quite as drastic. I did buy once a couple of tickets for a naturist spa in our (ex) city, but I chickened out and returned them before even mentioning it to my husband. But what you are describing is so comforting. I might not walk around naked, but I would love the sauna and pool experience. However I don't know if my OH would feel comfortable. Definitely an idea to find out though!

Edit: prudeness about sexuality and nakedness, I think, is a general plague of society, mainly instigated by outdated religious views that over a thousand years have grown to be the "norm" for humans even in today's more liberal tendencies. Shame, really.

Feel comfortable using sauna or steam room naked. Don't know about swimming though. No way the OH would though.