Naughtiest thing you've done !!

I was at a friends house a couple of years ago waiting for her to return, she was out but I shared a drink with her housemate. After 10 minutes or so he dissappeared upstairs. A minute or so passed and my curiousity got the better of me. I crept upstairs and could see against his bedroom mirror he was wanking off, I watched for a moment or so and then he noticed me !! Sheepishly he stopped but I must admit it was a turn on, so much I said to him "you've not finished yet and did he need a hand"!! - which he said yes, I knelt over his legs, tossed him off til he came over his stomach b4 straddling his face, pulling my soaking knickers to one side b4 he licked my creamed pussy clean - pure brilliant filth XX Anyone got any tails to tell

Great story Ladysc !

IOM.. many years ago overlooking Port Erin. He found a cock shaped rock on the beach, rolled a condom over it and fucked me with it with any passers by overlooking the headland. I was...very young.

very very very nice story :)

Hmmm not sure naughtiest thing I have done, but it was naughty/ kinky/ fun at the same time!

I hired a pod on the London Eye, enjoyed an evening champagne ride and got carried away, when we "docked" at the bottom we were informed by security that we were recorded on CCTV (Warning to all, there is CCTV in each pod apparently!) the guy tried bribing us with the CCTV to join us! Ha. Told him to enjoy the memory and walked off with a very blushing lady, luckily the champers had helped her get through the "trauma" lol

:/ great stories ! I'm only just starting my sexual adventures so naughtiest so far is indulging in my husbands anal interests and having him cum in my ass, only just yesterday actually haha I'm hoping to get a lot naughtier with him over the years ;)

Some great naughty storys here

So many for me ill just pick a not to naughty one:

A group of us went clubbing for the night and as allways i was flirting with the same girl (mate) We were really going for it that night the things we were telling each other naughty and nice we even got talking about what underwear we had on,Fastforward the night its the end of clubbing so she said lets all go back to hers for a party so we all did and once more we got into flirting again then she said about having to stop this flirting because she was getting turned on and how she could feel her underwear getting damp,She said im off to freshen up,She returned about 15-20 minutes later looking sexier than before i nipped to her loo for a wee and saw her underwear she had been wearing it was exactly how she described them,I couldn't resist picking them up and having a look to see if i had been getting her underwear wet indeed it looked like i had,So i gave them a smell Mmmm and then touched my tongue on the damp stcky wet part of her underwear then the naughty side of me came in to play i couldn't help wanting to wear them so i put them on untill i left her house which was about 5 in the morning.

I couldn't help thinking she had left them out for me to see and maybe wear as she knew i knew what she was wearing and she knew i had a thing for worn underwear.

I actually lost my virginity while the guy i was with at the time was in the Underneath.

It was only the 2nd time id met mr naughtywildfun and the guy i was with was acting like a complete nob. We were all at a friends house, I sat on the sofa with mr naughtywildfun, we conversated throuh text message for a bit then he went to get the quilt and put it over the both of us, Then started to play with me, and me with him. With the guy i was with watching us, although he couldnt see anything as we were under the quilt. I then made my excuses and we went upstairs and were going for a few hours, my (now ex) left and we went downstairs to carry on, about 2 hours in our friend came downstairs to see us "going at it" stopped and watched for a second then said "nice rack" went into the kitchen, got a bowl of cereal and sat down watching tv, and us! xx

*the ROOM unerneath it should say! xx

A good few years back me & OH were shopping in town on a Saturday and decided to stop at a pub for refreshment.

The pub was busy but we found a snug and started chatting; it was a hot day and my OH was wearing a short summer dress so I asked her to come over and sit on my lap facing (btw we were very loved up at the time).

Much kissing & necking ensued so being the ever direct type, i slipped my hand under her dress and found her v. hot and wet. I uzipped myself and then ever so slowly started to screw her.....i still remember the surprise on her face & her biting her lower lip. Nothing frantic, just a gentle pelvic upthrust on my part for about 10 minutes.

Still cant believe today that no-one noticed x

Naughtiest thing I've done? Had sex in a prison car park probably

Had sex on webcam and loved it :) lol

hmm probably having sexy in a library, or maybe being watched while being sucked off on a beach? not sure which....

On the last stag do I went on, I managed to end up in bed with the best man... And his boyfriend!

The worst bit? It was my brother's stag do.

No, nothing special... But your story sounds like a movie scene... enjoyed reading it.

Had sex with my wife while she was on the phone to my mother

Naughty - Gunther that's so wrong!!! lol ;)

Scarlet Couple wrote:

Naughty - Gunther that's so wrong!!! lol ;)

even felt a bit wrong at the time, damned funny though, her trying to hold a conversation about decorating and not gasp while i was thrusting.

lol - it probably added to the thrill and even stronger thrust no doubt ;)