Naughty account!

Anyone out there with a naughty account their OH don't know about? If so, what content do you post and do you talk with other people? I'm just confussed as to weather l should creat one or not. Thank you in advance:)

Not for us, open and honest with no secrets from each other.
But im sure someone will be able to help!!

Nope, wouldn't do that to my partner. No different from cheating in many peoples eyes, it's not okay to sneak around behind your partner's back being sexual with other people offline so why would it be okay to do so online?

You never know, your partner could be okay with or even join in with whatever it is you want to post if you tell them about it. But for sure they'll be hurt and betrayed when (not if!) they find out you did it secretly. I'd give the secret account a miss and work out what you actually want from a naughty account so you can be upfront and honest about it and not be accused of online cheating :)

Me and the OH are completely honest and open with everything, we share everything we do online together and know what each other is up to (it adds to the excitement ) so would highly recommend against this and would ruin your relationship unless your OH is happy about it. Discuss this as she may like the idea otherwise give it a miss as online secrecy is just the same as sneaking around in reality and in some people's eyes is classed as cheating.

Nope, would never do it.
I class it the same as cheating and would be absolutely devastated to find out my OH had anything like that. 

definitely talk to your partner about what you want to do, don’t keep secrets. 

It's a free world but something like that I feel would really nead your partners consent. Best policy is to keep everything open with each other which helps for a long lasting relationship.

Doing something like that behind your partners back will just bring on tears and heartache .So discuss your intentions with your partner first but accept their decision should they not be keen on the idea.

I have a social media account that my OH knows about, I discuss some things with him but it's generally my private space, where I post photos, and things relating to my kinks that he doesn't know about/doesn't understand/doesn't like.

My husband used to years ago. It almost split us up. I was devastated as he had this whole other "life" in a way and it crushed me, it made me feel like I wasn't good enough, that our life together was meaningless.

If you want a naughty account tell them. Find out what they think first.

I have a naughty account but my OH knows all about it and even helps me take pictures. I don't respond to DMs but that's just because I don't want that myself, I just want to post photos.

More trouble avoiding the ex's and keeping up with their sneaky user names

Definitely not. Secrecy in a relationship on this level can completely ruin it. Not worth it.

If you want a secret space that's fine but not on a naughty site without your partner knowing and you coming to a conclusion thay works for you both.

I hope you work it out

We have a naughty Smutphone that keeps my mother-in-law out of our business. She is shockingly nosey and she is inclined to just go to my wife wardrobe and look around. Can be a problem and has been told off from time to time. She daren't go into my wardrobe, she has been told that the day that happens she is disowned by myself and will no-longer welcome in our home. Tough on her but something Mrs TD is finally starting to impose herself, totally disrespectful and rude, if up to me she'd be stopped from coming round at all, but she's alone and Mrs TD feels obligated to welcome her despite this....

Definitely not. I love and respect my oh too much for that.....and when he found out (and he would) my punishment would not be something I'd enjoy xx

Terri JJ wrote:

Definitely not. I love and respect my oh too much for that.....and when he found out (and he would) my punishment would not be something I'd enjoy xx


Nope naughty accounts are for people who are not serious about a relationship honesty best policy ....or stay single that way you can have 100 accounts .... All the sneaky stuff comes out the truth catches up and someone bound to get hurt. Just be honest!!😁 My opinion

None of us have walked in another's shoes here... while I agree open and honest is the best policy after reading this thread no one is gonna post on here tbey have one.

If you feel the need to create something like that you need to discuss and explore your feelings why. If you cant discuss that with your partner it should be reason to stop a fix and work on why if you can.

How would you feel tables turned. It could be a slippery slope to avoid in most instances. Peace.

My partner doesn't know about my account on here (yet anyway) although I only created it today. I don't think I would rush to tell her, not because I want to be dishonest or hide anything. It's more that she's not too open when we talk about sex at the moment.

That's actually one of the reasons I'm on here, to find ideas on how I can tempt her to be more open and adventorus sexually. Whenever I do talk to her about sexual stuff she shuts the conversation down quickly, changes the subject or completley ignores what I'm trying to do.

Hi Jake Perolta, your partner may not want to talk about sex but tell her about the site that its retail for toys and lingerie - suggest there may be lingerie she might like or you would surprise her with. Explain about forum is no direct contact with other members its all public - has advice, fun and even photos are all checked for decency.

When TV advert comes on for Lovehoney maybe talk about it, rouse her curiosity. You may find it opens lines of communication. Note sometimes written communication such as forum or letter to your partner can be easier than verbally talking.

Remember the forum is friendly and most posts totally non judgemental.

You may find she finds forum helpful and educational (as I have found)

Good luck hope goes well.

Sometimes verbal communication can be misinterpreted is by observing tone and body language and can also feel confrontational and even uncomfortable whereas written can be less so because reading is more solitary and also writing can be more open and honest. Also writing can write a number of drafts till you get what want to say right whereas verbally its out there and can't take it back.

Thanks Lynda. She knows I look on here but she thinks it's simply a retail site. To be honest so did I until earlier on today.

I ordered some stuff from here a while back, just lingerie to make her feel sexy about herself. But she never wore them. She sees the regular emails from the subscription and I try to encourage her to pick something that would make her feel good. I've been trying to communicate but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

I have tried doing so in email, text also and while I do get a little more out of here, it's still very little. I constantly re-assure her and tell her how much I fancy her and want her. I'm trying all sorts.