naughty knot!

hasd anyone esle ordered it???? i have 2day and got a free lovehoney magic rabbitt expected to arrive monday cant wait!! other half is always saying on every occasion all he wants (gift wise) is me wrapped in a big bow so thats wot hes getting for valentines this year!!!!!! dont know how daft im gunna feel tho! :)

You'll have to let us know his reaction.

I think I'd feel too much of a prat to dare.

well im gunna give it a go i will more than likly feel a prat but hey cant wait to see his face he keeps asking for it so hes gunna get it lol! will let u no wot he reacts like!

ok to start i felt like a right idiot but i put on sum stockings and a cute fair of lace frenchies then put it back on and actually felt pretty sexy he loved it too he didnt even laugh lets just say it was a valentines we both aint gunna forget ina hurry lol!

ah yay!

I've read your review and I am very, very tempted! I think it's a fab idea.

its good fun and since found out by trial and error that it is possible to wear over another sexy outfit if the whole going bear underneath worries u!

I really love this, it's very pretty but also a great idea.

LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

This is selling like hot cakes at the mo - so if you're still looking for a Valentine gift for your partner, why not just wrap yourself up instead!

Check out the


to see how good it really is!

I think we should all be wrapping up well given the weather, all this icy snow seems to be heading your wy Ruthie!! the knot might just be the icing on the cake.