Need advice, wife lost interest after menopause

@QueenBee Hi QueenBee, did you have to take any progesterone along with the Testosterone cream? or maybe you’ve had a hysterectomy? I’ve been allowed to take Testosterone cream on its own but there are not many of us so your post interested me.

@GoGirl12 No progesterone, only testosterone. I also got a script for “scream cream”. It has l-arginine and viagra and few other ingredients that go right on the clit. Chemo gave me neuropathy in both my big toes and my clit of all places. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

thanks @queenbee i’ve never heard of the scream cream. Glad you’ve found some treatments to help you. You’ve not had a hysterectomy?

I think Mrs. Val has been going through menopause for the last 8 years… Slowly trying to coax her out of it…lol. Sorry man - sux.

Thank you pootle. You are so right and you are with me. It’s the touch, the closeness and intimacy that I greatly missed. I love my wife and I won’t do anything silly to break my happy family.

Thank you QueenBee. Think it’s a complete closed door for sex. 2 nights ago we discussed and i have to respect her decision.

Thank you. I will look it up and try but I think I’m done!

Thanks for your suggestion. I spoke to her and i think further medical suggestion is going bring more unhappiness into our relationship. Lately I was wondering if it was me being inconsiderate. Afterall she has given birth to 3 beautiful children and I should be thankful and happy to her.

No hysterectomy. Yet. I’ve asked but my doc doesn’t want to put me through anymore surgery. I had stomach surgery 1 week ago. My front looks like war zone from all the surgery scars.

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It is good to hear that you are accepting of this major relationship change. Love can be expressed physically without sex, but it is still a major change. Best wishes to you both. :revolving_hearts: