Need help surprising my partner

Need something to try that is kinky sexy but not painful we have tried most but always open to new ideas I really love buying her underwear any suggestions on sexy outfits for her and me

You're going to need to offer a lot more information than that for people to suggest reasonable ideas.

If you want something exciting.challenging and pain free , then try roleplaying a Stewardess and Passenger or Pilot scenario.

Basically it invloves making love fully or partially clothed in a very confined space . It will probably involve your partner lifting you whilst wrapping your legs  around your partners body partly supported by  the wall. Bult in wardrobes are ideal for this . You could also use the shower cubicle as an alternative and perhaps turn the shower on at some pont for an extra dimension .

Dialogue can be kept to a minimum if preferred but good dialogue does add to the scenario when role playing.

This particular roleplay we found very challenging as my Mrs is quite a tall lady .I dont think you need to be gym fit to enjoy this but make sure that your partner  can lift you without any pain developing in the lumber area for example.

LH have introduced a really nice Stewardess costume which would be ideal as the hemline is very short .