Need Opions on these two toys please

Hi all,

It is my wifes birthday next month and I have been looking at treating her to a new toy but unsure whether to get glass or metal as never bought either before.

The two I am looking at are:

Many thanks in advance

I don't own any metal, but I do have that glass set and it is really gorgeous. The fact that you get 2 very different toys is a huge plus. I know that metal can be quite heavy. I would suggest the glass, but that's just me :) xx

I have both of those items, and I would say that they're okay, but not totally mind blowing.

Might I add some more confusion to your list? - this is my favourite toy ever!

This is good that you own both so can give your view on both items.

I also personally like the look of the icicles range but they reason I choose those two in particular is due to them being part of the 3 for £75 offer :) x

I think if you've done neither metal or glass before then you should go glass.
Glass is just that bit less intimidating and is actually awesome!!

Cheap&Easy wrote:

Can I add more confusion and suggest

Amazing, not intimidating, and just brilliant!! Lol!

This one is on my wishlist already lol wish I could afford to get them all for her lol

We own both and are happy with both for different reasons.

The Glass:

2 toys first of all is a bonus. Both feel good and smooth, have a variety of balls running along the length of them to add to the fun and one is slimmer than the other so good for anal and vaginal play. Very good quality toy


what you see is what you get with this, no frills, lumps or bumps. Fairly slim and very smooth so good for anal play too. The only thing about this toy which is not apparent from the picture is the weight. I was completely taken aback by how heavy it is and even though we have had this for a couple of weeks it still surprises me everytime we pick it up. this changes the dynamic of the toy completely for us and heightens the pleasure a lot more. It is an exquisite item.

Is a very tough call...

Verdict - I would not like to be without either, but if I was in your situation I would go for the glass. My decision is made purely on pricing as we bought the metal toy for half price 2 weeks ago when it was on sale.

The glass is also in a 3 for £75 deal...

Go glass, it's prettier and amazing

I would go for the glass, you get two in one and they look and feel gorgeous. Metal can be. Bit like 'oh, well this is new' which can be awkward I've found! Hope this helps!

Personally I'd go for the glass, as others have said you get the two very different shapes which is great for experimentation.

I had both of these, I ended up sending the metal works back; although I do like metal dildos I found that one just didn't do anything for me, it was too short and just really a bit meh?

With the glass you get the different textures.

just seen they are both in the 3 for £75 range, so get both and a thrid for £75.

You can always exchange one (for another item in the same offer) once you have decided what you prefer.

Just Jenson wrote:

just seen they are both in the 3 for £75 range, so get both and a thrid for £75.

You can always exchange one (for another item in the same offer) once you have decided what you prefer.

There's also a 25% discount code that's been emailed out today! So it'd be three for £56.25!

I already have 2 items in the basket but was unsure on the 3rd and couldn't decide between the two mentioned in the first post and I know couldn't believe my luck when I got the 25% off code this morning.

I would go for the glass.Had this set in my wishlist for a while,just never seem to get to it..soon,glass,soon.

I prefer the metal to glass, but agree with everyone else that glass is probably a safer option.

Do you have a sense of whether she prefers ridged or smooth? I like smooth, so that Worx is ideal for me, but then I'm on the margins around here in pretty much everything.

Dont forget that you can always send one back if you find out she'd rather have the other. Both are good choices IMO so just pick one. :-)

How about both, then add another in the 3 for £75 range, then add the 25% discount, and hope it works!

I have both of those items, the metal is by far my favourite!