Need some advice

I have brought a present for my boyfriend for Christmas and need a nice sexy way to let him know about it , ive booked a weekend away with a private lodge hot tub sauna, four poster bed ex... But need a creative way of telling him.
I have recently purchased a few bits from here to make a hamper to take with us including massage candles hot rocks massage set and rose petals ex...

Can anyone help maybe like clues or something stuck for ideas

Make a fun gift certificate or something. Or a treasure hunt.

I thought of that but trying to be clever with what I write treasure hunt is a great idea though

Well you could write mini poems or clues to leave the extra bits and pieces in different parts of your house and then lead up to the details about the break itself in the final location for example in the bed. It's not something I've ever had the chance to do so I can't suggest actual wording but I really wish I had a partner so I could do it, it seems like it would be fun.

Aww this is my first boyfriend we have been best friends for years but together for one year now , it's cute and a fun idea instead of just writing it on paper ay.
You will find your perfect one someday I'm sure and thanks for the ideas