Need some new toy advice!

Hey guys!

Im kinda new around here so be nice! ha!

So im wanting to get some new gear for me and the girlfriend to try out, we have a small collection of toys and want it to grow! We have a few vibrators but thats about it! So have you any ideas what we can get next, were quite open minded so go wild! :) Also any lingerie or anything you think is good let me know!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


Hey sweetie, welcome to the OA!

It's probably best if you tell us what sort of stuff you've already tried, so that we can recommend some new stuff to you!

Everybody in the forums is really friendly and very helpful, so have fun getting to know everyone! So yeah, let us know what sort of toys you've tried before and we'll have a think!

BLC <3


Eh well mainly just small vibrators, bullet vibrators and the standard rabbit. Also a good selection of saucy lingerie!

We just fancy something new!

Ok, bear with me and I'll see if I can find some nice couples toys. I'm not really one for saucy lingerie (my OH likes the girl-next-door look!) but if I find anything I'll let you know!

BLC <3

Ok, you've tried vibrators but want something different? There's the Sqweel -

It's an oral sex simulator the missus will love, and if she uses it on you it feels great on your balls while she give you a blow job.

This little egg is great for fun outside the bedroom, it's remote controlled and wireless, she could try wearing it to the pub or in a resteraunt with you controlling her pleasure. You could just tease her all night or (if you're feeling mean) try and make her come in public!

I found this little bargain was a lot of fun to use with my OH - it's designed to stimulate a woman internally and tone her pelvic floor muscles, but there's sometime about having your man push them in using his tongue that will drive a girl wild!

If you're happy to introduce a little light bondage then give this a go - - It's gentle, not theatening and it's not even sticky (no impromptu hair removal!)

Of course, if this all seems a little tame we could always find you something a little more, erm, hardcore?

BLC <3

This is awesome help! thanks very much!

The suggestions are great thanks! for some reason the sqweel doesnt really appeal to me, but we shall see!

I realy like the idea of the love balls, i think something like that could be a lot of fun! and the remote egg, could be very interesting.

I think what we would love is something that we can use during sex, if you get me? Just something a bit different!

Well we are fairly open so yea anything is an option even if it is a bit hardcore, but who doesnt love it really! ha!

thanks for your help, im really appreciating it!

This can be used during sex, I haven't tried it and it's expensive but it's won awards and quite frankly looks awesome, it's definitely something I'm considering buying when I have spare cash! It's different, quite unlike anything I've seen before (and I've seen a lot, honey!) so I think it might be something you'd like!

BLC <3

Oh and the Sqweel? It looks a bit weird, I'll grant you that. And it is more for her pleasure than yours... but it's got rave reviews and once you get over the fact that it looks a little strange you'd probably like it. Besides, it gives your tongue a break if it's getting tired!

If you're not sure what you'd be into, try the Basic range - (just search "Basic" on the main LH page), it gives you a cheap, cheerful way to try out new types of toys before you splash out.

Help is what we're here for, no worries!

BLC <3

yea ive had a look at that a few times, price is a bit of putting, but maybe one day!

Im interested to what you meant by something a bit more hardcore??


Shall I go on? Heehee!

BLC <3

HA! you certainly did mean hardcore!

I certainly did! I'm a self-confessed pervert, but even I'm surprised what you can buy from LoveHoney sometimes!

true true, thanks for all your help! ill keep having a look around and if you have any other thoughts then let me know!



Hello luckyfun and welcome.

Oh i HAVE to agree with u BLC about, my OH bought me these for xmas and wow they get me so wet and that little jolt i feel everynow and again is amazing. As far as using them as a couple..... my OH and I have had the most amazing sex sessions with them, both he and I love the popping sensation u get from repeatedly inserting and pulling them out that we bought to have the same feeling in my ass.

Ooooooo nearly forgot..... also a staple corsett is a must it can be work in or out of the bedroom, with suspenders, heels well anything let your imagination run free. This is a great one and am infact wearing it in my pic lol

Hey Malteser81, I know what you mean, I couldn't get over how wet they made me, I might go put them in now lol! I like the look of the anal ones, they're sooo cheap as well, I can't turn them down really can I? I might just have to buy those!

And no worries Luckyfun, if I think of anything I'll let you know. Have a nosey through different forum threads and I'm sure you'll find some ideas that you and the wife will love!

BLC <3

Oh god yes.... think one of my next buys will the the double anal beads..... more can only be better :P

I cant wait till we get thoes. Much fun will be had ;)

I like the jelly anal beads (like the jumbo Thai beads) because they are fantastic as anal beads but also make a fab dildo. They create amazing sensations wherever you decide to put them.

Glass dildos seem to be very popular at the moment and can be used for heat play/massage. Just place them in the fridge or hot water to reach the appropriate temperature.

I'll see what else I can think of... Xxx

Oh and I reviewed the original we-vibe in the sex toy awards - you won't find a better couples toy anywhere. There really isn't anything else like it on the market. The new model looks awesome and really is worth buying if you want something different xxx