Need some suggestions!

Hey all!

For various reasons me and my fiancée have not had a whole lot of time to or energy to commit to our sex life for the past couple of months but we have decided to start changing that this week. As I want to really make the effort to mix things up and not fall back into our old routine I could do with any ideas you guys can throw my way. My fiancée enjoys being kind of submissive, with me holding her down and being rough having my way with her, being tied up and so on and I'm wondering what I could do to take that a step further and perhaps use the time we aren't together to help build the tension/excitement as well as any other ideas for what we could do when we are together.

I really want to get things going again with a bang (pun not intended ) and would appreciate any help you wonderful people can offer. It's always good to get suggestions from other perspectives and all that eh?

Just a thought that i know has worked for ex and i used to exchange texts when we were apart that were a massive turn on..things he wanted to do to me..the occassional pic when he could & vice versa, & roleplay was a great one! He would fone me and pretend to be someone else and i would slip into an alter ego! Then by the time he came home i was very worked up and many a time bent over the cooker!

Its foreplay froma distance but the build up was fantastic..he loved it when we lived out our fantasies that we had talked about during the day!

P x

That's a good plan. We tend to exchange a lot of sexy texts when we're apart and I think that'll be a way to keep the momentum up. I'm thinking at the moment that texting her some instructions for the night, such as what I want her wearing and doing etc will be a good usually gets her incredibly horny anyway! I'm just having a bit of difficulty coming up with ideas for when we are together. It's been a while since we've done anything and I feel like I've hit a brick wall when it comes to new things right now.

Cheers for the reply :)

I would really recommend buying today's Deal of the Day. It's an amazing offer that has the basics for some bondage play for beginners.

I'd suggest not trying too hard and just go with the flow. Also, treat eachother to some relaxing romantic massages. Things like that build up a lot of sexual tension. Good luck and it's great that you're both willing to do more!

I saw that earlier as it happens but have a few of the items individually anyway. Completely agree on letting things happen rather than forcing it too much, the last thing I want is to get stressed out that things aren't following a plan haha! I like the massage suggestion, it really has been ages since we've taken the time to do anything like that. It will also help us relax back into each other I think. Thanks for the feedback x X x I appreciate it.