Negative people

Since I posted a load of new reviews last week someone just seems to have gone through my profile and given negative votes to loads of my reviews - even ones I know were great because I was given extra freebies for those particular ones.

So it seems someone just doesn't like me and is trying to show it by nagative rating reviews. it's too many in a short time to be just random and I'm sure they're just jealous.

Some sad gits out there huh? Any one else have this problem?

Probably people jealous of your reviewing prowess Kitty! Ignore them and rise above it...

heh heh - love that name Love Handles :-) And thanks!

Yeah well, only one other person has written as many reviews as I have and I've also had loads of freebies from here - 3 in the last 2 weeks. I also have many more things to review from the lovehoney sale and on my kinky bookshelf.

And I have a damn good sex life and my own fetish club so they can go ahead and slate me - in a way it's a compliment that someone is jealous enough to do that. There you go slater m'dear - have some more things to envy ;-)

Goodness, yes. As soon as I hit the top few spots on the list, I started noticing that I was getting unhelpfuls. My assumption is that people click on profiles from the list and then just read all the reviews in one go--so if they don't like something, they keep reading and keep not liking.

I could understand it on one of my book reviews--some people might find it too academic a review--or even on the sex toy cleaner, since I was one of the few who didn't like it--but the unhelpful on my butt plug really chafes. I liked that review.

I really think that since our ranks are related to our scores, there should be a comment box pop up if you want to leave an unhelpful vote. That way we can improve our reviews and we can cut down on people hate rating.

That's pretty pathetic.
I think the comment box would be a good idea, it'd help people know what to change about their reviews to make them more helpful.

I certainly don't have a problem with downrating. I never seem to get any rates on my reviews, at all -- I think I must ramble too much for most people to bother reading them all, lol.

You got a helpful from me, Miss-Nomer. I checked out your reviews after one of your comments and I believe you talked me round on a product. :)

Don’t let it bother U
U not the only ONE
Just carry Miss-Nomer;)

Missed Out "ON"!!!

I think maybe the whole feedback system needs to be changed and a reason given for why it was helpful or unhelpful. I've noticed problems with people who have every review marked as - helpful!

I had a negative the other day for one of my reviews thing is 2 others had it as helpful :S
I tend to only mark the helpful ones i read if its not so helpful i just dont mark it, that way it dont look so bad.

actually its 5 negatives now and one of those is where 5 people found it helpful :S
This does seem to be a problem miss kitty, your not on your own.. why would some one be so sad :S ?

4 not 5 negatives sorry :S but these are resent!

Yeah Mcbirdie - you are the other top scorer on here and you certainly have + helpfuls from me and actually stopped me buying the durex sensations in favour of a different type

I think when you click on the top cadets you get us high scorers and they just pick fault out of jealousy because we've worked harder and got more rewards.

I've noticed they have been back now and the spiteful gits have been back and slated some more - guess they didn't like my having a life huh. I think people should have to be logged in to give feedback and have it recorded who gave it, even if not on show but for the admin to look and see if someone is ONLY giving negatives out and double voting etc... Unfortunately some people are that sad.

The comments box is a great idea!

I did a review on Pjur lubricant...never heard of it before,used it, liked it a three helpfuls(the only time I have got a three...and my only unhelpful.... on the same product). All reviews are only one persons opinion. You can completly disagree with someone yet should still be able to respect their point of view. I've just done a very quick check and noticed that the negatives have nearly all been on reviews that have scored three or more positives!

Yeah you can see from the reviews on ur profile that a lot have several positives then a neg or 2. That's a bit weird. They're obviously jealous of u getting freebies!!

And what a surprise - since yesterday they have been back and voted against stuff again - there really has to be a system where votes are logged and that a user cannot vote more than once on a review and also not on their own (if they can already)

In the mean time.... hey sad loser, you're just showing what a pathetic waste of a sperm you are. You can't touch me and I have an amazing sex life, own business and I'm getting married in a few weeks... and then off to beautiful Thailand in 5* hotels for 2 weeks, sun, sea, sand, cultulure and loads of honeymoon sex.... wow, I bet you wish you were me huh? When you have nothing better to do with your life than trawl about on here knocking down reviews. I laugh at you

Yeah that's rather sad...I don't have any negs yet, but at this rate I reckon it won't be long before I start getting a handfull of -helpfuls (ok hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying that!)

I agree with the comments system, people should be asked to leave comments when they rate a review. Although the good thing about the current system is that you can't vote more than once, as it won't register your next votes on the same review. Miss Kitty I wouldn't let it get to you, whoever they are just ignore them and in the meantime keep writing great reviews! :)

Cheers chocopie :-) I'm not letting it get to me, the saying I favour is "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not"

I have far better things to do than worry :-)

I now have 8 neg :S

WoW your going to Thailand on your honey moon Kitty... You will have to post a pic in your profile after you get back you lucky sod !
As for all these negs we are getting i'm sure it wont harm our rep on here, we are very dedicated sex toy lovers who write damn good reviews, our positives show it.
This person wishes they were having as much good sex ..and the person is probably not sexually free, sitting at home frustrated wishing it knew how to get off !!

Any how thats my rant over.