Negative review not being posted

Just wondered if anyone else has written a negative review on a product for it to never appear on the site?

I've written one particularly negative review on a product, not used any foul language, was pretty descriptive and (I believe) given a very fair appraisal of the product and it hasn't been posted despite being submitted weeks ago!

I'm hoping this doesn't indicate negative reviews are being withheld form the site deliberately?

There are plenty of negative reviews on the site, a couple of them are mine!

Contact live chat and see if the review went through. Occasionally they get lost once you have submitted them.

was it an item that is currently for sale?

I obviously can't speak from your experience but I have written a few negative reviews before and they have always been posted.

Are you sure your review hasn't gotten lost?

I've left some pretty stinky reviews and they've all been posted.
Occasionally reviews get lost in the system - good and bad.

This is one review I've written as you can see I didn't think much of this product and only have it half a star but as you can see it still got posted.

Sorry wrong link this is the right one.

My last review was pretty negative and it was published.

Did you keep a copy? You could resubmit it.

I have a few negative reviews and all mine have been posted, though one did get lost and I had to re-do it. Speak to live chat, they should be able to help x

Does it show on your profile with "awaiting approval" ? if not, maybe it didn't go through! You should contact LH, they will sort it out!

I've written some negative reviews and all of them have been posted to the site. In some cases where the item could have been faulty, I was contacted by customer care before they put the review up on the site so that they could send a replacement if they thought the product I'd received wasn't in good working order and therefore not representative of the product on the whole. So it may be that they haven't posted it because you may be contacted first, or it may be as others said and it's been lost. Either way, it's probably worth contacting live chat. I'm sure they'll be able to tell you what's going on :)

I've done a negative review before and it got posted. Speak to live chat, they can have a look for you x

Just a thought, if its for a tester product or one thats not currently sold it won't go live till the product does.

I wrote a very negative review above but it got published.

I have also wrote others that were unfavourable towards different companies but they have always been published.

Sometimes, if the staff believe your negative review is because you recieved a faulty item, they will offer you a replacement item free of charge and the chance to try it out properly before publishing a review that could be untrue, ie because it was based off your experience with a faulty item (which will obviously be a bad one). Check if it showed up on your account at all, then check you haven't missed any emails from them.

Contacting customer support would give you a better answer than asking here as they can tell you if it is even in the system.

Overall, yes negative reviews are published. But reviews that didn't enter the system properly or reviews believed to be based on a faulty product are not. Send customer support a message and you'll have your answer :)

I've wrote a few one star reviews which all got published except when faulty. It must have gotten lost or glitched in some other way, and its just a coincidence that it was negative. I'm sure live chat will be able to tell you if they've received it. ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

No i dont think this is because of LH, more like an error with the computer.. I've seen many negative reviews and even made one myself. Its totally ok to make a negative review in fact LH encourage it :)

Contact Customer Care via livechat or email please :) We will be able to look into this for you

Edit - I will pop you an email myself now as I can see where the trouble is!

A couple of good reviews I wrote disappeared. I think it's a glitch in the system that sometimes eats them up, not LH that deletes them.

Lovehoney definitely don't have an issue with approving negative reviews, I have written a few and I often scroll through product reviews to find the negative ones before buying :)

Thanks for all the responses :)
It shows as 'awaiting approval' so who knows?
Its an item which has a couple of other negative reviews - and it's still available on the site.
I'll check emails and contact customer support.
Thanks to those who took the time to respond :)

Where can you see the awaiting approval message? I submitted one earlier and im not sure if it went through or not