Neighbors stealing your undies. Please help?

It's been over the last 6 months some of my undies hung out to dry in my fenced garden just went missing. This has never happened in the past. A long fishing rod was seen coming into the garden and was captured in my CCTV only.
Reporting the theft to the police may be embarrassing so it is not my option.

What would you suggest?

Apologies. Problem with the suggestion and spell checker from my mobile. The title should read

"Neighbors stealing my undies. Please help?"

Report to police, end of...

Embarrassing for them not you. You have been stolen from, they are thieves, and I'd even go as far to say you've been violated, in as much as your underwear is being targeted, which IMHO has sexual connotations to it. Don't be embarrassed, you have evidence, use it and get this stopped,

I agree with above. Report it to the Police and give them the footage if you still have it.

Arnold Layne!

I also agree with above, you must inform the police xx

Yep, gotta report it, May start with stealing underwear, but then you never know if it will escalate from that. Nip it in the bud now.

Agree with the above. As a further precaution, perhaps dry your undies indoors for the time being.

Yep - only thing you can do in this instance is report to the police.

Thanks everyone. I didn't want to have bad neighbor actually. I will take it as the last option. Meanwhile I will move them indoors. Neighbor is good it's only the 40+ husband seems to have some problems.
If you were the wife of the husband would you defend your husband when you are showed the footage of the CCTV?

I'm thinking of this approach instead. Thanks again all.

I think the police is the best option, but I can understand not wanting to go down this route yet. Do you feel confident enough approaching your neighbours? Because maybe you could knock on their door or send them a letter saying your underwear has gone missing and you wonder if the wind or a pet might have moved it to their garden? (if you send it to both neighbours, then it looks like you're not pointing fingers). Or a bolder move is to say that you thought you saw someone in their garden with a fishing rod acting suspiciously and you thought you should tell them?

I would not recommend this course of action, but it's an alternative to getting a third party involved. However, it could plant a seed of suspicion in the wife's mind which might mean she'll keep an eye on him (it could also make him bolder).

Sorry I refer to "him" but I get the impression you've identified him from the footage.

I have to agree I would 100% report this to the police.

Don’t be embarrassed about it, The police will of dealt with things like this before.

Also think of your own safety and privacy. Things like this need stopped right away.

Sorry if anything came across rude or wrong.

Good luck


Report it to the police and let them see the footage, it’s all confidential so no one outside the situation will be none the wiser.
You could always speak to the partner and see what they say, do they have teenagers etc? As it could be anyone.

Or you could put some irresistible undies from the new lovehoney range on the line and camp out in the darkness to grab the rod and unmask the culprit like scooby doo! All jokes aside, please seek police attention if it’s happening on the regular. People deserve to pay for their actions.

Thanks again all. Hub just told me to leave it to him to resolve the problem.

I will keep you posted on the outcome later.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t cause too much of an issue. I’d be having very harsh words with the neighbour if this was my partners undies. Good luck and hopefully it gets resolved!

Good luck, hope it gets resolved soon

He's a panty fetish and became a thief so it was concluded. I wasn't with hub at the scene when he confronted him last evening, and came back for the CCTV footage 10 minutes later.

In less than an hour, hub came out of his house and threw away 9 undies into our trash of what seems to be mine.
Hub told me that he(the neighbor) confided to him that he was sexually deprived by his wife and turned to masturbating into panties he stole.

Since he has promised to stop stealing from our garden, Hub wants me to be graceful and forgiving.

No police were called but I'm feeling embarrassed at the thoughts that my undies were used by another man.

A very big thanks to all who came to my assistance. It's indeed a lovely and caring forum.

I was asking hub why didn't he get some new ones to feed his craved but was shocked by his reply, "new ones don't carry the scent of a woman.".

Now feeling a little embarrassed and confused .

I would have hoped freshly washed undies only smell like detergent... But aren't there women who sell their used underwear, presumably to guys like your neighbour? Maybe your husband could give your neighbour a tip in that direction - seems it would make everybody a lot happier.

But more seriously, I'd recommend you to find a self-defense class. Some style that's everyday practical, like Krav Maga. Not because I think that your neighbour is dangerous to you (though one never knows), but because, firstly, every woman should have notions of self-defense anyway. Secondly, it will make you feel better and more self-confident. Which by itself will reduce the risk of attack. Last but not least, it's as good for you as any other physical exercise :)

Sorry to hear you've been violated in this way. I would feel mixed up about it too.
Your hub should tell him that you can buy used panties on the internet. Better than stealing without consent! Pay the ladies who are selling by their own choice!