New and addicted

Hi,I have been single a while now and decided to buy some toys.All I can say is OMG!!!I think I now have an addiction to lovehoney!Cheap,good quality and great customer service.This is my first post on here but everyone seems so open about everything which is all new to me 😄.Hi everyone!!

I know that feeling. I started out just buying a treat for the OH and me, and now I am looking at this site daily! It really is a great place

Yeah I know the feeling too, I get stuff every week or every two weeks lol always browsing

Welcome and enjoy! =)

Very easy to get a lovehoney addiction they do sell fantastic range of toys. Enjoy the forums.

Hi welcome to the Forums.

Hi and welcome - you'll find the forum and the store both great. In terms of the store, the customer service is the best I've come across (if you'll pardon the expression!) with any online retailer. That's what helps make it so addictive!!!

Hello and welcome to the forums :) x

Hi singleme and welcome to the forums :) x

'Allo, 'Allo & welcome. Have fun.

Welcome :) x

Welcome, enjoy xx

Hey welcome! enjoy the forums :) x

Hi, we're new and addicted too! :)

I'm the one doing all the reading and research (and ordering), she's the one moaning and squeaking in the corner...

I've been reading the forum and reviews for a couple of weeks, and found the same as you - how open everyone is... It's amazing, it's taught me so much and is SO affirming.

Welcome to the forums :)

Hi & welcome! I've recently joined, I'm on here every day & I've had several parcels already.

Have fun browsing.

Hi and welome. Hope you have fun on here.

Morning, welcome and have fun!

Welcome here, hope you have a great time X