new and confused :)

Hi all I am so new here I dont know how to work the dam thing yet. How do i post a msg (or is that wot im doing now? - as u can see confusion is rife lol)

Ive sussed out how to post a review but how do i chat to ppl etc and do all the other things that everybody seems to be doing??

Time out needed to insert Doc Johnstone medium butt plug & maybe restore some sanity and sense into my morning ;) xx

Hi and welcome yes you have just posted a message :) and people will reply to your posts and chat to you so jus carry on doing wot your doing really :)

You can't cheat privately anymore. But you seem to be doing okay. :) welcome and hope you like it here. :)

Hi.... You posted your woohooo message.... !!!
Just keep checking the forum and replying to messages people leave in your thread or comment in other people.
Have fun

Hi and welcome.

There used to be a chat function but LH removed it a good few months ago! It may be back sometime in the future though but no promises.

In the mean time keep posting around the forum to get to know everyone... :)

Hello Crazyflower and welcome to the forum.

Welcome...and if u happen to post in the wromg place nobody will be upset, you will soon get used to it :)

Welcome to the forum!

Hi Crazyflower

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Thanks V much for taking the time to gimme all that info Mighty - The plus point is I think I understood it all Now to test that theory lol xx

Thanks V much everyone for replying and helping xx

your welcome hope you enjoy yourself :)