New and excited to be here

Hi all. I have been a Lovehoney customer for some time now and always enjoyed reading the various discussions here, and so I have finally decided to join. I believe, presumably along with everyone else here, that a healthy and active sex life is very important for overall well being.
In my case, as a single, heterosexual male, that obviously means my option is self-pleasuring and it’s great that a place like this exists to be open about it and that there is somewhere for everyone to discuss what they enjoy and get up to.
So I look forward to enjoying many more stimulating discussions and hopefully I can also make some positive contribution.


Good morning @SPstroker64 :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! I hope you find what you’re looking for

Hi :wave: @SPstroker64
Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning and welcome :black_heart:

Morning and welcome @SPstroker64 :blush::wave:t2:

I’m really glad you enjoy the forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello and welcome to the forum @SPstroker64 . I love the attitude - long may it continue! I hope to engage with you more on the forum threads :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the happy place​:smiley:. Self pleasuring is the staple to all good sex lives, it’s always available and never got a headache​:laughing:

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Welcome! @SPstroker64 :wave:

Hi :wave:t2: and welcome.

Hi @SPstroker64 :wave: Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

@SPstroker64 Hello and welcome to the forums .

Hi and welcome @SPstroker64 :blush:

Hello and welcome @SPstroker64 :wave:

Hi @SPstroker64 and welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome to the forum :wave: :wave:

Welcome on board. I am a great believer that we enjoy sex far more if we can be shameless, and this is a great place to practise! So looking forward to your contributions.

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Hello and welcome. :wave: