New and have no idea!!! :O

Hello, im new to the site and everything else :P.

I would like some advise on where to start.


hello and welcome to the fun house just browse and join in ull soon get the hang of it we r a friendly bunch on here

Welcome to the OA JadeyWadey!

First off read the rules ( We all do, So you're not being singled out ;) )

Secondly, Sit back, Relax and enjoy the OA

Hiya, what in particular would you like help with?

If it's chatting on the forums then just dive right in to the topics that interest you.

If it on sex toys, perhaps you could give us a little background into what sort of thing you'd like and we can point you in a direction.

Otherwise just be sure to read the forum rules and you're away

Hiya and welcome to the OA and have fun

Hiya & welcome xx

Thanks everyone for the messages back...

I pretty new to everything, my main trouble is having the big O, im 20 and never had one...

Think my interest would be in sex toys, but yet do not no where to start.


Hi and welcome p

Ahh - well in respect of the Big O, first thing is not to worry about it - at 20, there's tonnes of time.

Try searching the forums, there are lots of threads on orgasms x

Hello there!

I'm sure they'll be some great suggestions from others soon but I suggest going for a bullet toy. Powerful and simple!

See you around.

thanks everyone :) x

Welcome to OA :)

I'd start with clitoral vibrators if I were you, for me this is one of the best and first one I ever used:

to name but a few of lots available x

Genie wrote:

Welcome to OA :)

I'd start with clitoral vibrators if I were you, for me this is one of the best and first one I ever used:


y not start with your good old fingers to see wot u like then go from there hun

Thanks Littlekitty i have decided to try that out.

js, a few people have gave me the same advise, but i tried and couldn't do it, was really weird but thanks anyway..

welcome JW!!

my first ever big O took ages to come along ('scuse the pun..!!) but i got there in the end with a clitoral vibe... a full on clitoral orgasm still takes me a while, but i've been experimenting with different methods and i'd really recommend an orgasm balm coupled with a clitoral vibe...

i got a tub of the balm from this set: and used it with my death by orgasm bullet vibe... those things together reeeeeally work well!!! the vibe in this set comes highly recommended by the reviews, and it's a really cute set to start you (or anybody!) off ^__^

enjoy your stay!! i've only been on the forums for a month or so and everyone's been super lovely (so far...!! lol)


Relax and don't try for the big O. Just enjoy what you get, it'll come on its own.

Hello & Welcome to the Orgasm Army!

I'm sure u'll find us a friendly lot

Here is the official welcome (& OA rules):

I'm the OA's resident letch btw!

I'm afraid I know very little about female sex toys so can't help u

He JadeyWadey, welcome to LH, it's always nice to see newbies here! I think the issue your are experiencing regarding the big O affects alot of women. I have the same problem, I can orgasm clitorally using vibrators or through oral sex but penetration doesn't do it for me, although I still like it and find it pleasurable it's just not enough. I've tried all the advice of getting to know your body and take time to experience and experiment with new things and different techniques and used different toys vibrating and non-vibrating and still...nothing! I do think however that some women (not all) are just like that and aren't personally designed or programmed to orgasm through penetration alone. Not that I am saying that of you in any sense, it's just my own perception and opinion. I do feel though that I may have had a g-spot orgasm although it's not common for me even though I try and it's still something I am experimenting with, I'm sure others would disagree but for me it's clitoral orgams all the way as nothing else felt particularly earth shattering.

So, I wouldn't worry too much, I don't in any way think it's abnormal, but just remember to have lots of fun trying!


x x