New and very lost couple here!

Hey guys,

we're a newly engaged couple from the south of england and thought it was about time we added a profile on here!

We're pretty adventurous, kinky and always up for fun and games :)

We've been buying from here for quite a while but really want to get into testing some of the stuff on here, anyone else done much of that? add us as a friend!

peace and love x


Add some of your reviews and make a wishlist of the items you'd like to review from the list this month. Then keep your fingers crossed :)

Hello and welcome! :) Take a look at the Sex Toy Testers page, it's under the Community and Advice heading at the top of the page, all the info you need is there. I've been sent a few things to test now, always feels like Christmas! :D

Welcome to the forums, a friendly, open place :)

Thanks guys! we'll get adding to our wishlist then, managed to write a few reviews of things we've brought in the past too!

Also, lets say you do get sent something.. does it just appear or would we be contacted!

it sucks being a newbie!

You'd have an email sent to you telling you your item is on its way so make sure your address is correct :)

welcome :D x

Yeah, you'll get an email. Just so you know, the items have to be on a wishlist entitled Sex Toy Testers so that the LH staff can find them easily. Noticed that you have a wishlist which contains a few items currently available to test, but it's called something else so you won't get picked.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hello and welcome to the forum x

Hi There,.

I'm newish and registered and got to test something about a month or so after I set up my wish list. I got a mail before had saying I was gettting something and then the usual delivery notification. It was all good. hope that helps. x

Hey and welcome to the forum! Have fun! x

hiya and welcome xxxx ;) x

Hey I am fairly new aswell I have been chosen to test twice and It's so awesome made quite afew purchases from here and haven't been let down! review the things you buy and make a public wishlist then just hope you get picked :) good luck! x

welcome all!



hi and welcome

Hello guys! Welcome to the forums!

hi welcome and have fun

hi and welcome to the forum