New & confused over a boy

Hi everyone, I'm a little nervous as this is my first post but I really need some advice as I'm unsure about this guy I've been seeing and when I've asked my friends they tell me the total opposite of what I think.

To start with, I met this guy 3 years ago, we were instantly attracted to each other and became very close friends (still are), we talked about taking the next step and having sex but he felt the time wasn't right and he didn't want to risk the friendship so nothing ever went further.

Fast forward 2 years, we would flirt & the frustration build between us, we had our weekly night were we got takeout & watched a few movies but one night we kissed and it felt right. We both agreed it wasn't awkward and laughed it off and everything was fine, a few weeks later we had sex and continued to do so until now. We see each other everyday and our friends say we act like a couple, I've been to his childhood home, met his parents, he's reveled alot about his past and secrets no one else knows and is very affectionate to me however, my friends say he is using me and that he will never be with me. I asked him this and he said he cares too much about me & is quite upset that our friends are saying this about him, we never seen each other for 2 months due to work but agreed we wouldn't see or sleep with anyone else, we skyped everyday as we couldn't not see each other and the first day he was back we we inseperable. Nothing has changed since we took things further, we're closer than we've ever been, he's been there for me when no one else has and has told me why he is attracted to me & what he loves about me. I'm just so confused on what is happenng as I have him being this addictive, perfect guy and i have my friends telling me I mean nothing to him. Please help.

Seems a bit unfair of your friends to say that, especially as he isnt a stranger, since youve known each other for such a long time. Unless they know something about him that you dont - and if they do, then they ought to tell you to protect you if they are really your firends!

Sometimes, you just got to take a leap of faith and if it feels right for you then go with it

Sounds like you too are made for each other! Could your freinds be showing some jealousy over the time you spend with this fella when he was around? Or as Just Jenson has mentioned " do they know something about him that you don't!" Not the best of friends either way!

If it feels right, then it usually is.

From what you say things sound pretty great as they are, what more exactly do your friends want him to do? If youre happy & feel secure & loved in the relationship then I honestly wouldn't worry about what your friends say, if you don't doubt this guy & how he makes you feel don't let them put doubts in your head. It's not like he's just popped out of no where, you've had a great friendship before you slept together so you've got great foundations for better things already. I would very politely tell them thanks for the concern but things are going great so butt out lol! Good luck, I hope things continue to grow for you both 😊 x

Sounds like you may have some jelous friends, my first few dates with my OH were as friends then we did'nt see each other for a few years. I got married and divorced, I met up with my OH during my divorce and 21year later we are still happily married. Yes we had the friends telling us it would not work as I had been previously married but we are not all the same.

You have to take a leap of faith and enjoy the moment if it feels right for you and your partner.Relationships require a lot of hard work and be honest with each other I wish you all the best..

I agree with Chris098, it sounds like your friends are jealous, I'd suggest if you are unsure talk to him about what's what & where you stand but by the sounds of it you two are in a great place & you both care greatly about each other. I hope it all works out for you ^_^ x

It seems to me that two very close friends have become that bit closer. Whatever path you choose, good luck, to both of you.

Jealousy is a very strong emmotion . I suspect that this is the case with your firends.

If you feel right together then that is how it should be.

mysteron wrote:

Jealousy is a very strong emmotion . I suspect that this is the case with your firends.

If you feel right together then that is how it should be.