New (foreign) couple here

We're a young engaged couple from Finland. We're really active and open minded about sex, it's a normal chatting topic with friends.

I, female, am the one writing to the forums. I'm a transgender (post-operation female to male) bisexual (want to be called a he because of my mental sex but I have to identify myself a woman somehow when it comes to having sex since I still have female organs). Haven't had sex with a woman yet, but I'm looking forward to it, with my man's permission of course.

Been to UK twice, I enjoy travel, culture, music, arts, photography, internet, science, space, fashion, languages, decorating, partying, cuisine and of course sex.

welcome to the forums

Yeah big welcome to you both, hope you like it around here, its fab


Interesting introduction! Welcome to the forums!

Hi there to you both and muchly welcomes

hiya! Welcome to the boards. See you've already been posting around the forums - they're a good bunch here. have fun ;)

Hiya Couple number 7, glad to see you we don't tend to get too many people from Suomi on here, you are both very welcome.


Hi couple No.7.Good to have you here, if I am allowed to say this!I might be a bit new here but I've found out its great here. Enjoy yourselfs as much you can!

hi and welcome

LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

Welcome to the LoveHoney Forums! You sound like you'll fit in just fine!

Haha just what I was about to write Carly :)

Welcome & have fun posting!! xx

Woow, so many people. Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

hello and welcome from me to :D