New Gay

into everything
love foreplay
scared to take my first clock in me


Hiya there @smyth-2k9 :wave::wave:

Welcome to the forum

thank you :blush:

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Hi :wave: @smyth-2k9 welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll be fine…don’t get anxious and worked up…relax and talk and remember sex is fun.

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thank you

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thanks. just looking to get some tips and pointers

Hi and welcome

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I’m not gay but enjoy all forms of anal play including pegging.

I would love to take a real penis in me but its not going to happen I’m afraid.

Relax, use plenty of lubricant and enjoy. If you’re worried about anal penetration you can always practice or warm up with a butt plug first.

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There’s also nothing that says you have to, or if you decide when that is. So take things at a pace you’re happy

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i’m happy too and can’t wait. i love cock but just worried of pain

If it hurts stop…take it slowly and gently…and remember communication is the key.

Hiya and welcome @smyth-2k9 I love your choice of words :joy:.

Like others have said, relax, take it easy and remember it’s supposed to be fun. If it’s not what you anticipated at any time then don’t be afraid to stop.

thank you xx

Hey @smyth-2k9 :wave::wave:

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hello there x

hey @KentCouple1990 xx

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thanks @Amunique im excited and nervous hehe x

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Hello and welcome :smile:

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hello @DavidB1986 x