New girl

This is all new to me although I received my new toy & outfit today a bit shy to try ??? X

Hi and welcome to the forums xx


Hiya welcome to the forum. Try it out and write a review

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Hiya, have fun!

hey and welcome! Great to meet you x

Hi! Welcome, enjoy your toy and the forum!

Hi and welcome :)

Hi and welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your purchases

Hi, welcome to the forum

Hi + welcome

Hi, welcome to the forum

I’m new here as well even though my wife and I ordered things in the past we have never taken part in the reviews or forums.
Can’t wait to do more reviews and get involved in more forums

Hi and welcome

Welcome to the forum. The more You try the more you'll explore (and buy!) have fun.

Hi and welcome! Enjoy yourself!

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Hello and welcome!

We've all been there. Shy to try those new toys and outfits. When you are ready, given them a try (without pressuring yourself) and if you enjoy yourself with them, you'll soon find your wallet emptying for all those other new toys :-D