New girl

Hello im new :)

Just saying hi!

Hello there

Nice to meet you

x x

AngelinaP wrote:

Hello im new :)

Just saying hi!

Hello hello! 'Tis nice to have you

Thank you

Hi Angelina :D

Hiya - I'm new too!

Hullo and welcome!

Horny Pony wrote:

Hiya - I'm new too!

I meant to ask you before about your user name - are you into Pony Play?

Never heard of that one before BBG - had to look it up! lol Learn something new everyday don't you. Well let's just say not tried that yet! Horny Pony is what OH calls me - think it was in a Prince song and well isn't all his stuff about shagging! OH said he's off to work for a rest today. Ha just wait til he gets home!

@ BBG ... fnarr fnarr, liking you more each day BBG

Hi AngelinaP - Welcome!

Are those your legs? And is that your shadow behind them?

Blimey Richard, take it easy; girl's only been here 5 minutes. LOL

AngelinaP, greetings from Naughty Towers. Oh, and you too Pony person.

Hi Angelina! And Hi Horny Pony! Welcome welcome.

New kid on the block uh Angelina, interesting shadow, flagellation pending or bewigging whilst unclad in empty courtroom???


I'm new as wel so hi to everyone xxx

Hi dirty_mare! So how did you come up with that name?!

dirty_mare, I love it. Howdy.

Remind me to introduce you to Hony Pony sometime.

Damn, fluffed that one - it's the way I tell 'em!

I meant to say

"Remind me to introduce you to Horny Pony sometime"

Hello new people!

Well hello there Strapon ( said in that oh so affected tone of voice that Leslie Phillips used to say so knowingly!!)... have you ever set about a guy with a strap on?..... and if not would you like to..... please