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Hello everyone, just discovered the forum and thought of saying hi to all the lovely people. been looking at LH for some time but never pulled the trigger, but bought my OH a womanizer and a realistic dildo. so far she’s liking the womanizer but not the dildo.

any tips on how to talk her into it?

happy to see you all and many more chats in future!


Hey @wapagotchi :wave::wave:

Hi and welcome to the forum. My wife isn’t really into dildos alone she likes rabbits and wevibes. She seems to need clitoral stimulation at the same time.

@wapagotchi welcome :blush: I’d just take your time and ask her to be involved with the next purchase. Sometimes that gets my imagination juices flowing


Hi Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

she loves the womanizer and could not get enough of that. let’s hope she will ask for the dildo soon.

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I would do this next time, get her to go through and select a few toys , maybe some kinky lingeries just to get her in the mood :wink:

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@wapagotchi that’s a great idea. For me it’s part of the fun :grin:

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Afternoon and welcome :green_heart:

Hi @wapagotchi :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

Did she have any input into what you bought or had you guys talked about various different toys before? A lot of women don’t like realistic dildos for various reasons and prefer their toys to look like toys rather than an actual penis. You could suggest she try it sometime when you’re out to see how she gets on with it as she might just feel weird using it in front of you initially but if she’s not interested I wouldn’t try to “talk her into it”. As @Stuck_nomore suggested, go through the site together and see what toys peak her interest.


Hi @wapagotchi :wave: Welcome to the forum!

If she didn’t help you chose the dildo, there might be loads of reasons why your wife isn’t keen. She might feel awkward using it around you, like @Peitho said, she might prefer a non realistic one or it might not be the right size or shape for her. I’d leave it with her and let her play with it if / when she’s ready.

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Hi an welcome to the forum

@wapagotchi Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hello and Welcome to the forum

Hi, welcome.

Why does she have to like the dildo when she didn’t choose it?

I’m sure you meant well, next time shop together. If you like the dildo I’m sure you can get some use out of it yourself :wink:

Hi there and welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum! Glad she’s enjoying the womanizer! Maybe browse the site together to get a better idea what kind of penetrative toy she might be interested in :+1:

Hello and welcome!