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Hello my wife and I of 4 years have just recently started to start exploring woth sex toys and spicing up our sex lives. Im not completely sure what it is we like just yet. Would love some ideas.


Hi @tmccurdy1973 welcome, there are plenty of threads to read to get ideas of what you might like. Browsing through the website together is a good idea because if you don’t know what you like, we’re not going to know what you like! Happy exploring :wink:

Hello, thank you. We just ordered a strap on to try pegging. My wife actually is the one that got me i to trying anal toys. We are slowing looking into some bondage ideas. Those are the only things i know we like. We currently have a bed restraint system. Looking into trying some more items

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Hi @tmccurdy1973 and welcome to the forum

Greetings and Welcome @tmccurdy1973

get comfortable and start reading here, loads of good posts with no end of ideas.

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Hi Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the welcomes. Im excited to see whats in store for my wife and I

Hi and welcome to the forum

Welcome! Honestly I came to the forum for a similar reason, there’s lots to check out and plenty of lovely people to help you find things out!:grin:

Hi and welcome @tmccurdy1973 :slightly_smiling_face:

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@tmccurdy1973 hello and welcome to the group.

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Afternoon and welcome :orange_heart:

Good luck
Its very addictive lol
Once a toy is well recieved its striaght back on here to find more
As to the recommendations…we started slowly with a pebble and a bullet
And now were looking for more within a week

Hi welcome and enjoy

Hi and welcome :blush:

Hi :wave: and welcome :hugs:

Hey @tmccurdy1973 :wave::wave:

Hi there and welcome

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Welcome to the forum :raised_hands:


Hellooooo, enjoy the discovery, just keep trying and find out what you both like