New Ideas??

eve all :)

new here and new to sex toys, me and the OH are just getting in to sex toys and started of with the LH basic Vib "I think its called lol" but im after some tips/advice.

my mrs likes it but she says she prefers the real thing but at the same time i love watching her with the vib.

is there anyway i can help her ease in to more sextoy's or maybe some sextoys that would help?

any advice would be great

Thanks and Regards :)

maybe buy some toys for couples .. and if shes not too keen at first use them yourself , see if she warms to the idea - but some people just ARE NOT into it , so it may end up never being her thing x

Her saying she prefers the real thing is a compliment really... I'm the same a lot of the time, I want a man attached to a toy. It satisfies me in a different way, more like scratching an itch (when solo) when sex for me is way more satisfying, I like a body attached.

But I agree with ruby try some couples toys. She probably feels awkward having you watch her just use it, particularly if she doesn't enjoy toys that much. Try something like a vibrating cock ring perhaps, or I would really recommend the we vibe 3 as an awesome couples toy.

because if you can just slip them in during sex, she gets the real thing rather than you watching, and the feeling of a toy ... the combo of this may pique her interests!

This is the we vibe 3.

You could give her some alone time to get to know the toy and her reactions before she performs for you, start off small, don't rush to introduce something huge as it might put her off especially if she's nervous to start with.
Couples toys are great especially the cock rings,
I recommend the death by orgasm zombie ( its small, non threatening, cheep and packs a punch.
when she's ready to move up there are some really good real feel toys that you could both enjoy.
Hope you both have fun :-)

Hi RedViper - I agree with Ruby - have a look at some sex toys for couples - a lot less threatening. The link below will hopefully give you some ideas:)

Hi welcome check out the LH rules - why not try the Newbie Initation Test

We are all a lovely bunch of coconuts have fun & enjoy LH x

I second the wevibe 3 and vibrating cock rings

Just eas her into it sex toys for couples can help or lean against a wall sitting up and have her sit in between ur legs and lean back on u while she uses it and u could kiss her neck and hug her to make her feel more comfortable. And if she feels insecure just add some little comments like ... And I thought you couldn't get any more irresistible or say I can't take this any more come hear and then go to her to .. Get down to busineess.

Get a vibrating cock ring, definitely. It's the best investment we ever made, and although we're into a lot of different things now, we always go back to the ring for a guaranteed amazing time.

I can't recommend the We-Vibe however - we found it incredibly uncomfortable to use. It depends on your sizes really, but you can get a good vibrating cock ring for less than £15, so you may as well start with that.

The wevibes do appear to be VERY hit and miss.