New in from Wiltshire.

Hi Guys and Girls,

I am new on hear and thought hay why not introduce myself seems right!!

Getting married in september.

hey :)

only been on here a week but everyone is lovely you will be well looked after xx

thats great cheers

Hi and welcome to the forum.....


From a fellow moonraker, hello and welcome

Welcome Swindonman, these forums are a wonderful place.....enjoy

cheers guys,

Not as in the moonrakers pub i hope, i avoid like the plague. personal reasons really.

foot note: Allthough i will be on and off of the forum i will try to post or reply when i can.

Hi swindonman welcome to the forums. Have fun.

LMF xx

Hiya, welcoome and enjoy yourself Xx

Hi Swindonman, I'm another Moonraker - it's good to have some more local-ish types around!

Hey fella, welcome aboard

Hi there,


Thanks everyone, sorry for the long delay in replying, i work funny hours and i am in the process of finalising my wedding for the 20th sept.

Welcome! Im from Wilts too :) x

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi welcome

Hi and welcome to the forum x

hi people on forum hi jenkat

hey, welcome to the forums and congratulations on getting married :D