New members

Every week we get a list of new members (not sure if that is the full list) and i have to say i am suprised to see so many women .. must be about 8 women to two men - but where are all those sexy men with their sexy pics?!!!!

Not here, I'm afraid...

Maybe if I had some super sexy pecs I'd be tempted to take a picture... I kid.

When i say sexy, i dont mean you have to be a body builder lol - doesnt matter what shape or size you are .. you can still look sexy! x

Which was why i was kidding.

And on that note, me thinks it's time to change the avatar picture! what to choose???

So I'm not sexy then?

Just noticed no one replied to my last

sexy is away of being and feeling...i love feeling sexy

hornster wrote:

I think my new avatar is quite sexy but if you don't think so please do tell me. I won't be offended - honest!


I love it, I just would love to see whats behind those undone buttons you tease Mr H !!.

LMF xx