Hey All.

So I may have mentioned a few times on here that we have been very busy at Lovehoney HQ of recent.

We already let you in on a well kept secret, that the warehouse was launched in Oz. That was a biggie!

Well that is not all, we now have a brand *spanking* new home page. This has been a great effort by all at Lovehoney and what a fresh new look this is... well we think so anyways .

To accompany this new web layout we also have two yes TWO cheeky new adverts that are set to air tonight. So much EXCITE! If you would like a preview you can hop on Youtube and take a look. Let us know what you think.

That is not all!

We also have a blog that gives you an insight to the making of this advert. Lots and lots of hard work has been put into all these updates and we could not be prouder of our company.

Phew it has been busy. So let's talk about sex... TOYS!


Love the new home page Leanne. It looks great and very way to find your way around it and simply see what you are looking for or to discover new items. I've seen the ad on U-tube. Think the ad is fantastic. Well done lovehoney all ur hard work has paid off.

Well done love honey the website looks amazing! Nice and summery! Can't wait to watch the ad xxx

Looks fantastic!

It looks a lot cleaner, until you start scrolling down, and then it gets a bit cluttered IMO, also loving the boobies on the plus size model ;0

Good job Lovehoney!

The new homepage is fab. The ad is very clever, I love it made me giggle, can't wait to watch it tonight! Great job to all the Lovehoney staff! 👍

It all looks great! Well done to all the lovehoney staff :)

Ooh two ads? I'll look out for them!

I ❤️ Lovehoney

Great job ! Huge pat on the back to all concerned xx

Looking good, you deserve a sit down and a cup of tea.

I love it! It feels... friendlier, somehow. Great job! :D

Oooo a new blog post - are they going to be brought back to life? Used to have lots of info and competitions but now it's mainly just model and review of the month. Last time I checked the eu blog had no updates since 2015 so I guess tat one is long dead :(

Advert gave me a good chuckle. Really fun and light hearted. It would definitely entice me in had I not found LoveHoney on the ye olde search engine. No dark and scary things! Loooove it! 😍

Looking damned fine there LH - well done to you all xx

Amazing fresh look to the site, well done everyone 💃

I love new fresh look, this is why I think Lovehiney is so great, the website looks colourful and fun, compared to others where it just looks dull and boring. also loving the new TV ad, lots of fun :-)

Never normally keen on change ,but agree with the others that everything looks much fresher .Well done !

Im liking the look of it all so far, well done guys