New outfits

Well Hubby just surprised me by ordering 3 rather sexy and revealing outfits

This one I truly love as its so soft to the touch and just about covers (you know what) but I do love the naughty see through nature of it. I might get him to get me the black one as well.

This one is fun but doesn't hide my modesty and being a larger lady sometimes you just want to have that feeling but match this with a nice set of nix is going to be another fun outfit.

This one needed a little adjustment to the fitting but it stretches and pulls down so nicely.

All are going to add loads of naughty fun to our play times.

Love the fantasy curve chemise, lucky you :)

thanks wildflower

Love the first 2, have had to put them on my wish list!

Good choices he's made there :) have fun ;-)

M&A, You're going to fall in love with the Baci Lingerie Plus Size Deep V Flower Lace Dress it's so soft and comfortable my OH absolutely loves me wearing it too. ;)

He will be very pleased :-)