New paddle

We’ve broken our old whip and looking to get a new spanking toy. Being thinking about getting a paddle this time and quite like the look of this one:

Any thoughts on this vs the other ones available?

I’ve no experience with that one, but I’d like to recommend this:

Quite a price jump (I think I got mine in a half-price promotion) but oh boy is it worth it. Depending how you wield it, you can deliver everything from a bit of light warming-up to heavy bruise-making you-won’t be-sitting-down-for-a-while stuff. I love mine!

I recently posted a review for this paddle, you can read it here. I also have a similar to this one (mine reads ‘‘slave’’) but I think the satin and leather paddle is more versatile.

The one that @PleasureDrone linked to should be more painful, as it’s made of silicone.

It depends on what you are looking for and how much pain it should inflict.

@brufton we don’t have the paddle you linked but I suspect the exact same previous model (Ours is purple :woman_shrugging:t2:).

I highly recommend it, it was basically the first paddle/flogger type thing we got and I still like it a lot. The leather side can certainly deliver a blow that marks and it is easy to wield. It is certainly not as fierce as a whip can be if that is what you are specifically looking to replace but personally I like that as whoever is doing the spanking can then put a lot more force into it without the risk of doing any real harm. The satin side is also good for more tactile play.

I recommend it but it does depend on exactly what you want out of it.

Great review @Smultron , I agree entirely. We also have the SLUT one you linked though I much prefer the satin/leather one.

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I haven’t used that exact one but have used very similar ones and they are very nice. I will say that compared to a whip or crop or flogger the leather side is much more of a thud then a sting. The softer side is less harsh and a good way to change it up and run it around for sensation play.

The leather side can get very good sharp sounding thud’s and leave some red marks fairly quickly. So It’s not a bad choice at all.

The only other thing or paddle I would suggest to look at is this one

It can get you the thud but with the two flaps and cut out it can depending on how you angle it create a sting very similar to a crop or whip. Plus the heart mark is a pinch extra to delight.

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To be honest, just looking for something to use for spanking rather than just my hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

That’s a great review @Smultron, confirms this is a good choice :+1:


@brufton Unless you use to spank quite hard with your hand, I think that the satin/leather paddle wil work for you. @Peitho’s and @Enchantress29’s comments describe quite well what you can do with it.

Also, thank you both @brufton and @Peitho! :slight_smile: