New partner larger than average penis - struggling

My new partner has a far larger than average penis and I am actually struggling to 'accommodate' him.

He is very gentle and considerate, we use lube and Trojan XL condoms (which are still quite tight) and there is lots of foreplay but I still end up being very sore

Any tips how to overcome this?

In total honesty, sounds like you do most of the things I've done. Always remember to use lots of decent lube, and after sex have a cooling shower to soothe that area.

I really struggle and can't sleep with anyone if they are over 7 or 8 inches or too thick, because no matter how much lube or how turned on I am, I just bleed.

Hope you can sort things out though.

Maybe it would be worth buying a toy midway between whats confortable and your partners size and get comfortable with using that regularly so the muscles get used to being streched without being damaged, combined with kegals so you keep the elasticity.

If your foreplay consists of mainly getting you "in the mood", perhaps try somehting a little more physical - fingers and toys to get you loosened up. I'd also ask whether you're really turned on enough, because it's obvious you now find the thought of fitting him in worrying. Is that stopping you from reaching your most aroused state?

is spooning not a position that the use for pregnant women so its not so deep? maybe that could help?

You could try going on top as well because then you can control how deep he goes, my partner is on the bigger side and i have never had a problem with it but i know he doesn't go as deep when i am on top or plain and basic missionary!

VW x

Thank you for all the suggestions. I think we will give the other positions a go and go from there.

I feel a bit silly for even asking for advice, I don't want it to affect our sex life though.