New positions and games

Can anyone recommend any new positions of fun bondage/role play games me and my girlfriend could experiment with? We both love being either a dom or submissive

Have a kingsize wooden bed with large posts to anchor to at every corner. All tieable positions welcome... Especially recommendations on rope bondage and techniques to ensure we can't undo knots!

you buy books that actually helps you rope bondage and teachs you how to do safety knots .try googling rope bondage book your bound to finds loads. . Havebyou triade hog ties on here. Maybe worth a go

Hi there, here are a couple of bondage games which would give you lots of ideas, and would be fun to play too. Also, there is a link to a book on rope bondage. I have this book and it is fab :) x

Just wondering what roleplays you already have done?

For tying up types of roleplays you could have Master and slave , Jungle explorer abduction, kidnapp , Interrogation /torture , Naughty nurse with resttrained patient and many more.

One of my favourites is being tied to a chair either naked or near naked and my OH doing a striptease with her teasing me all the time.

Mysteron... I'd be up for any of those... They all sound great! Could explain the kidnap interrogation and jungle abduction a little more? I'm fairly new to role play as it is!

The chair is a great idea too

Jungle abduction is probably easiest for me as we have done this one. Remember Tight fit in the 80s . That cheesy band who sung " The Lion Sleeps tonight" and the vidio which showed 2 jungle explorer girls get captured in a net. Well exactly like that.

She wore a jungle explorers outfit Khaki type shirt ,shorts and hat . I was the naked native( cannibal) who threw the blanket ( we didn't have a net ) over my OH to capture her. There wasn't much dialogue except a muted "Help Help" from my OH! .I can't be too graphic as I don't want to abuse the forum rules but I ended up slowly stripping her, teasing her and trussing her up to door with the use of the newly arrived door jam kit for LH and then I blnd folded her . I then teased and tormented more her before restraining her to the bed spread eagled and covered her in strawberries, cream and ice cream for me to enjoy my lunch!

One to do on a hot summers night . For preparation purposes I would place another old blanket on the bed beforehand as It did get quite messy .I luv Eaton Mess! There is no reason why this couldn't be done the other way around as well with the guy being the explorer and the gal being the native.

Kidnap - not tried this one yet but, Cow Girl captured by the indian warrior or indian squaw captured by the nasty cowboy. You could introduce rough sex into these as well as bondage but make sure your partner is happy about that first.

Interrgoation would be either part in military uniform tied to a chair and teased . You could have some pre arranged phrase that the other person needs to extract from the other by any means . Tickling always does it for me !

Whilst outfits arn't essential in any of these they do help in adding to the flavour and is great fun in collecting them from various places including LH.

One golden rule to remember when roleplaying. Don't introduce anything new that neither of you have practiced before , For example if you know your partner doesn't like spanking then don't expect him or her to like it in a role play either .

Good luck and have fun.