New relationship, new experiences!

Hi there :)

New to the love honey community so forgive me if how I write is slightly awkward!

I'm a regular user of sex toys with a high sex drive and a strong desire to please my man.. We have been together a short while and I want to make sure I give him the best sex he has ever or will ever experience ;)

I would love to know how to suggest sex toys and role play without him freaking out or thinking I'm some sex maniac (though I do worry I am, slightly haha)!

We haven't talked about it much but from what I do know, he hasn't tried much in terms of toys/dressing up/fantasies with his exes.. But I'm dying to be the one who lights the fire for him!

He isn't too shy as a person in general, and he loves sex with me.. Its amazing sex! I just want to unleash the beast and basically any helpful suggestions or tips are welcome!

Thanks :)


Firstly, 'Allo, 'Allo &welcome to the forums. Have fun. Is he into anal play? Playing games? Slip toys into conversation to see if he feels comfortable or threatened by them. Does he like you to dress up. Loads of lingerie on here for all tastes. I'm sure the ladies on here will be more than helpful.

Hello and welcome to the forums. :)

I have found this guide that might be of particular interest to you.

In our relationship it came up because a friend of mine had told me a story involving a vibrator so as I mentioned it to him I kind of took that as a opporutnity to see what he thought of toys in general. After reassuring him a toy wouldn't replace him but it would enhance our sex life, he said that he would be keen to try something so I let him have a look on here and pick some out. Now he's equally as keen as me to use them, if not more.

Just take it slowly and reassure him that they can be great fun. Best place to start is probably some pretty lingerie maybe a babydoll or bustier and a bullet vibrator or cock ring. If he's never experienced toys or roleplay before chances are he'll be excited to try something different.

Good luck x

Hi and welcome to the forum. I'd take Nat and toms advice, a cock ring is a great way to start.

Hello and welcome to the forums.

First of all I am assuming that you are a lady and are in a relationship with a guy. Your profile doesn't indicate anything .

Now I don't know if either of you have done roleplaying before as it isn't everyones cup of tea as the idea is to play the part of another person as opoosed to just dressing up which is also fine by the way.

As I don't know your background or any of your likes or dislikes its not easy to recommend something. I certainly wouldn't go to your door dressed up as a dominatrix brandishing a couple of floggers as that might freak him out .

So I am looking at 2 scenarios both of which are gentle and both are reversible as regards the roles.

The first one is that you could dress up a sexy nurse. ( plenty of costume choice with Lovehoney) and your patient being your guy could be coming in for a medical examination ( a good excuse to get his kit off0 . For your implements you could use your sex toys on him as many of the toys designed for women can be used on the other gender . Bullets ,vibtators etc. I will leave you to your imagination on the fun you can have here. For example if your into anal you could place a but plug up hs bum and pretend to take his temperature.The other way around for this one would him to be the doctor and yourself the patient .

The other scenario would be for him to dress up and to become a Lovehoney toy demonstator for the night. This wasn't my idea incidently but was given to me by another member . You would be better wearing thin clothing for this such as a pair of leggings without pants as some of the toys you would be demonstarting over clothes . This one I had plenty of fun with on my Mrs and she was litterally soaked through in the crotch area and gave me a chance to use all of our colection of toys at once .

Have fun !

Hello and welcome,I'm new as well its my second week now and everyone are so nice and friendly,going back to your question I had a lot of trouble with my friend when I said like dressing up as a women(I'm a man) she didn't take kind to it so I would take things slowly so not to rush things like I did and still paying for it,what ever you do as I say it takes 2 to tango,p.s that's if you like tango ha ha,good luck.![](upload://7FkB1REUa7tcpRkNGIya8WdAFD6.gif)![](upload://vsZAqK62RaQWD13ReBk2BlQBseS.gif)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! They all seem really helpful and at least I know there are now a few little things I can try!

We actually by chance had a brief conversation later that day in relation to sex toys/dressing up and he seemed to be open to trying something new! So I will make sure I take it easy and just deal with a little bullet or a cock ring for now!

Again thanks for your replies and I'm sure we will cross paths again on the forums!


Hello, and welcome to the fourms :) x

Glad he seems open :) you'll have to update us on how things go. Hope you enjoy the forum!