New Role-play Ideas!

We love the occasional role-play and dress up! From maid to school uniform for her and firefighter to cowboy for him etc.

But it feels like there are fairly limited categories, right?

Has anyone got any fresh ideas beyond the classic scenarios?


Cosplaying our favourite characters is fun I love being Spider-Man and Mary Jane!

But we’re also looking to choose our own adventure!

Anyone tried anything like sex robot or wasteland mechanic role-play? Excited to hear your ideas!

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wifey does like me dressed up as a dirty mechanic… boiler suit was from ebay… oil from wherever!
That might be quite vanilla I suppose, but whatever suits desires!

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Doctor or Nurse, All things pop culture like superheroes, Witch/warlock and in slaved subject. Really you can make a role pay out of any character you can see or create.


A faclve of me and the OH is her as a naughty school girl and me as a police man


Love these, keep them coming!

Another favourite of ours is the adorable princess and the hero or villain.


Oh yes I agree @TandS2015 the naughty schoolgirl picked up for shoplifting by a policeman is a good one! Also like Lady Chatterley / gamekeeper, prisoner/guard, milkman/housewife, secretary/boss .


This isn’t an area we have stepped into - yet. I’m intrigued so will watch this thread with interest. Since Covid came along our bedroom is also his office, which I think is a bit of a kill-joy but maybe I could turn that around. OH is NHS, not frontline. So secretary / nurse role play could work… but I would want to be the one in charge! Maybe I should just tell him that?

Yes, go for it! You could be the strict nurse at his check up!


Thanks for the encouragement! I have a few ideas around calling him by his professional title, inviting him to the examination room so that I can check his vital statistics, thermometer and tape measure in hand… just need an outfit…

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How about superhero and sexy damsel in distress?

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I’d want to be the superhero!

Me too! :wink:

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Can’t stand the school girl one! Due to our jobs that is, doesn’t seem appropriate!:crazy_face:

Doctor and patient and Maid and house habitant are the go to. Dominatrix and sub too.

Others for you to try that haven’t been mentioned:
Secretary and manager
Pilot and cabin crew
Bar maid and customer


Sexy hairdresser and customer…a cape…a chair…spray bottle of water…a comb.
I actually did this whilst really cutting hair for a male friend…he loved it…:heart:


Hi CurvyJilly34f I am sure you did too hun :kiss:

I dress as a fat shaven headed 55 yr old man ! It don’t always work but it suits me lol

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Yes Jilly, it may not work for us follically challenged males of a certain age! :wink:

These are some idea I tried getting my husband into, he a vanilla kind of guy and I want to get into soft bondage without the medical equipment, harsh pain or rope knots.

The submissive feminist:

"I’d like to be dominated or forced (I give consent). I prefer a man that can embrace his testosterone and take control, making me that poor, innocent, naive little girl that he can take advantage of and dominate. I would either do as he tells me, refer to him as master, surrender to all of his demands and then be praised (“Good girl”), or I would fight back, be rough with him and I refuse to do anything until he finally tears my clothes off and takes control, arousing my body, whether that’s tying me up, pinning me down, fighting me back, etc.

"Whatever I do, I want to be trapped by the hair and have him pull my head back. I want to feel his mouth all over my body. I want to feel him thrusting my knees apart. I want to be owned.

The sex slave:

"Spend a whole weekend as your sex slave. Tied up (on bed, stair railings, back of door) whilst naked, and used by you for what ever you want.”

The superhero and villain:

“I want a high-concept, BDSM-infused role-play where I am a superhero and my arch nemesis captures me and tortures me. I’m talking tied up, spanking, clamping, anal plugged and make-me-beg-for-it-to-stop torture. With lots of sex from the pent-up frustration afterwards.”

The sex toy master:

“I have this fantasy where your my sex toy master and am your toy, where you use remote-control vibrators to make me come throughout the day. I don’t get a say in when it comes, it’s just whenever you want. When am going shopping or eating in a restaurant, whenever it is am completely at my mercy.”

The leash waiting for its debut:

“I have a leather leash and collar I keep in a draw that I’ve been saving. I want you to wear it while you go down on me. Then afterwards, I want to dominate you, and when I’ve finished your welcome to come over my boobs.”

The simple desire:

"Being a dominatrix and punishing you before fucking you.”

The leather or black wet look:

“I should say first that your a pretty clean-cut ‘vanilla’ guy in your daily life, so this feels pretty out of the ordinary for you, but I really want to experiment with a leather daddy, or at least dressing up as one. I want you to be dominant and force a sex slave to pleasure you would be hot.”

The date night:

"Basically in my fantasy we go on a date, and one thing leads to another so we go for a drive somewhere quite or go home to the bedroom. This is where someone pins me down and rips off my clothes before going down on me. Then after they can turn me face down before spanking my ass and fucking me from behind.


Actually that one sounds rather good! And really easy to set up too with minimal equipment needed!