New! Secret Wishlist Shopping

By popular demand!

Your friends can now buy you things from your wishlist without even knowing your address!

We call it: Secret Wishlist Shopping

Click that link for full instructions - we hope it's easy to do.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or if we need to iron out any wrinkles.

I hope people buy you lots of stuff!

got the credit card out already , thanks x

Yay!!!! I'm so excited about this!! Thankies Richard, mwah!!! ^_^

x x x

this will be so cool, cant wait while pay day, got someone in mind!! thanks richard!

Richard is isnt he jools!! ;) we all love you Richard ^_^ hehe

x x x

Ahem, think that's love you Richard, metaphorically speaking of course unless......


Cripes, I'd better take advantage of this and get some stuff on my Wishlist pronto...!

Should we rename this thread the 'Richard appreciation society'?

We all love a bit of Dick on here.

Sorry, that was a little low!

Thanks for organising this Richard, mwah from me too xx

Wow Richard- you must be well chuffed at all these lovely ladies complimenting you!

Indeed indeed! I'm blushing!

A couple of people mentioned teething problems with the Wishlist Shopping.

We're 99.999999% certain it's A-OK now - has anyone successfully placed an order on it?

I'm off to blush some more...

Ok I still can't get the delivery option, although i get the "You can buy xxxxx anything from LoveHoney" etc.

I've tried twice this morning and still just get my own address.

I will have to check with the intended recipient to make sure she has put her address on, which rather takes the fun away.

What could I or the wishlist owner be doing wrong? the Doc knows who we are, I answered his email.

Can I aks a quick q?

When / if we order via the wishlist can we view the recipients address then? Im not sure about that one.

Thanks for that Carly.

I *think* I am right in saying this (LH, please correct/delete if not) ....

If you are concerned about the address info - say you do live in a very small village, then you could do the following:

Put your village/town name in Address Line 2 or Address Line 3 (one of those is probably not going to be in use)
Then in the "City" field where you HAVE to enter something, put in the County name.
And in the "County" Field, leave it blank.

I just looked at my printed address on a LH Shipping Label on a box I have here and it has all the info, so there is no danger of missing info for dispatch, but on the wishlist thing, all people will see is just the user name and a County.


Well my problems with this seem to be sorted out thanks to the efforts of Richard.

Thanks very much for the personal customer service!

Good good walrus!

well ive just sorted my wishlist out now so fingers crossed now xx

This is just another thing that makes LH the best website and forum ever ^_^

I'm all excited about this, hehe :)

x x x

Morbidia wrote:

This is just another thing that makes LH the best website and forum ever ^_^

I'm all excited about this, hehe :)

x x x

ill second that hun xxx