New tester hopefully

Hi my name is kim and im 30. Looking forward to reviewing products for lovehoney! My husband and I are excited to try some new things and have fun in the process. Were up for any type of sex enhancements and will be prompt on our review. You have any questions go ahead and ask. Kisses! Look forward to working with you all

Hi Bunny, welcome!

If you would want to be a sex toy tester, I would advise you buy some products and review them, I think LH are more prone to sending out test products to people who have a few reviews.

I've noticed you've made a list of toys to test, I doubt you would get to test these as most of them already have reviews. Your best bet if going onto the sex toys tester page and see what items they have up for this week and add the ones you would be willing to test onto your list.

Also, I see you're in the US, I'm not sure if LH send test products abroad, as the postage costs may be high and it will take longer for them to recieve a review back. But that's just a guess, it may not be the case.

I'm aware that LH has gone live in the US, I'm unsure if the US website has a forum but if it is, or if they make one I'm pretty sure if they have testers in your country it will be advertised on the US site.

Stick around anyway, it's a brilliant forum and the advice and things you will learn are invuable. Hope you enjoy :)

Hi Bunny,

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy.

Hello and welcome :) x

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi welcome to the forum, if you live in the USA you may be better on the LH USA site -

If they have a forum on there there will be sex toy tester thread there were you can be in with chance of testing their toys out

Thankyou for the warm welcome. I have wish lists for both us and uk. So hopefully ill get picked. f you want to know more about me just ask. Kisses!

Welcome to the forum Kim! Enjoy!

Hi Bunny_heartagram,

Welcome to Lovehoney! If you want to be a sex toy tester you can find out what you need to do here:

Our sex toy testing scheme is available to everyone worldwide as long as we ship to your country (I have checked and was mistaken earlier - oops!) although the majority of people who are signed up are UK based.

You just need to write reviews and keep checking the tester's page and there's every chance you could be picked :)

Good luck and thanks for joining us here!

No problem, i am excited to have a chance to be a tester. I was looking threw the sex testers page at this weeks items and wondering when the list changes do i delete the previous weeks items or keep them for longer and just add the new ones?

You can keep the items on your wishlist if you want to, or delete them if you like to have regular clear outs!

The lists change as and when we receive new items to send out, so there's not really much rhyme or reason to it. You just have to keep an eye out...

We usually leave things on the list for around a week before choosing people to send things out to, so everyone has a chance to add things.

Hey everyone : )
Would love to test and review products for love honey if anybody can steer me in the right direction??

I have been buying from Love Honey for as long as I can remeber and have posted 3 reviews today! Looks like I may need to play with some toys and props we have not for awhile sobi can write an upto date fresh review on these also!

hey Missmakeme, here is the lovehoney thread full of advise for people who want to become testers:

That tells you what is required xx

Awesome thanks everyone

Hi and welcome x