New things to try...

What suggestions do people have for a long term married couple, both 50, still fancy each other like mad, but have got stuck in a bit of a sexual rut for a few years?

We are a similar age. I bought myself a couple of vibes (a clit bullet and a classic shape) once I felt my mojo returning after kiddies and an early menopause.

Once things got going we bought quite a lot of lingerie.

Then I bought more toys - some just for me.

I think it all had the effect of opening up the discussion and increasing our drives, so that we could both talk about what we liked and what we wanted to try.

Some of it is habit (sex on regular basis) which then leads to greater intimacy and play.

I think as we have got older we spend more time on foreplay - this has been good and also helped us to find out more about each other. I think women in this age group - maybe all women - really enjoy a lot of intimate time before penetrative sex. The longer the better, for me, and it pays off. OH isn't complaining and we have both honed our skills.

You could get some good ideas from a kink/sex compatibility quiz, I believe mojo upgrade is a popular one. You each complete it saying which things you would be interested in trying and then you only see which ones you matched on, might bring some things you both hadn't considered to light.