New Thrills - Recommendations for a new buzz

Hi guys, We’re in the market to try something new. So far we’ve experimented with mostly anal toys - butt plugs and beginner vibrators, but we’re looking for something else. Can anyone recommend something for a couple to try out? Either to use in sex (not a cock ring, unless it’s something different to the standard ones) or to use on each other. We don’t have any male or female vibrators or toys! Thanks in advance, can’t wait to see what your faves are.

Our go-to combination seems to be whatever lingerie takes our fancy, a decent bullet (Tango, Desire, Mantric) and a glass dildo (so many gorgeous ones to choose from and they all give different sensations). Have fun!

We like to use is nice

The love honey classic wand is amazing to use on both couples...look at the reviews...also a bullet is always a handy tool for both of you...discreet too. The Tracey Cox is on offer at the moment..Good Luck

Thanks! I’ll take a look, the rabbit is intriguing. We don’t don’t have a dildo. Curious about the wand, but the adaptor doesn’t look great from a mans perspective. Is it? Anyone recommend any man toys that aren’t too... how to put it? Just for yourself?

Regarding toys for men, my wife bought a Fleshlight from here on Lovehoney and loves using it on me. I know this could be classed as ‘just for yourself’ but I can honestly say it’s a million times better when she the one in control of it! Really adds something completely different to the bedroom! We have this one

I'll second the glass dildos (and steel too). 👍 And lots of vibrators can be used on both women and men, so don't be put off by the categories. A bullet or a wand (mini or mains-powered) can be used to good effect on lots of different parts of a penis. Or using a decent wand in the right position during PIV sex can benefit both parties as the overflow vibrations travel between the two of you.

Remote and app toys can be fun, and can add an extra dimension to your play time. And suction toys can be a fantastic experience for clitoris owners. 👍🙂 There's also the Blow-Yo half-strokers which can be used during a blow job to add a little extra something.

We recommend the wand, perfect for her solo use and can provide great sensations to both at the same time.