New to all this, advice/acceptance would be great

I'm a guy who lives with parents still, just ordered a plug and lube, any advice for a beginner? Thanks :)

Hello and welcome to the forum :) Use much lube, insert it slowly and stop if it hurts! If you would like to wear it for longer periods of time, remember to reapply lube. Have fun :)

Welcome to the forums.

Others will be able to offer better advice as we don't do anything anal .

I can only add ,start perhaps with the smallest plug and make sure your using the correct type of lube. There is specialist anal type lube which has a much thicker viscosity than the normal lubes. Use plenty of it !

Okay, thank you very much! I was thinking of incorporating this into my bath time routine, because of the lock on the bathroom door, and the bath water should make clean up easier. How does water and water based lube do together? Do I need to keep my butt out the water, or will the lube be okay?

Mysterion, I ordered a water based anal lube, I thought it was the best choice for a silicone plug, and it's just a bit wider than my finger, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem (I hope)

I think you should insert the plug with lube outside the water and then you could sit in the bath with your bum :)

Ooh okay, thanks so much for the help! Either it'll be a long bath, or a rather short one 😳 It arrives tomorrow, and I'll probably be trying it out then, I'm excited and it took a whole load of courage to hit that "order" let's hope parents don't find it, or if they do, they say nothing lol

Hello, and welcome to the forum :) x

Thank you scorpius, I'll probably stick around the forum, seems really nice and people seem lovely <3

Hello and welcome.

Have a look here some helpful tips

Good luck x

Hi & welcome!!!

Thank you for that link! I'll be sure to check it out.

On a side note, was anyone else feeling really horny when you ordered your first toy? These tingles won't stop! :P

Hi Pastrnak :) welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your new plug. Just remember to use plenty of lube and go slowly, start with a small plug and work your way up to bigger plugs. Have fun x

Hey, and thank you :) (I found the reply button! Yay)

Thank you very much, it's not so much wide, just curved to reach the prostate, I have read (and seen!) good things/results from prostate stimulation, I just hope it has the same effect on me. But I will make sure to use a lot of lube and to take my time :) no use rushing, will probably just hurt, and I do not want that

Hi and welcome:)

Hello and welcome to the forums 😎

Oh my! You're all so warm and welcoming! Have I found my second home? Thank you so much

I'm ordering the purple 'Booty buddy' have you any suggestions for my step up once I'm ready to go bigger?

Hello and welcome :)