New to love honey

Hi guys
New to all this, Iv decided to start embracing my kinky side, I want to start experimenting more and try new things in and outside the bedroom πŸ˜‰ and just really find out what makes me tick. If any1 can share any of there experiences or what they enjoy that b a great start x

Hello and welcome to the forum πŸ˜„

Hi and welcome to the forum!

It's great that you're looking to explore, is there anything that you're particularly curious about? We may then be able to offer more advice on what would be a good place to start in that category :)

Hi welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome. Exploration is always a good thing. I'd personally reccomend a wand vibrator, as they're great for couples and solo play 😊

Thank u ☺️
Well I like the man to b in control and love being teased, I really enjoy the build up

Are you interested in spanking? If so, I think this flogger could be perfect as it's seude and can be traced across the skin to create a tickling, teasing sensation. It's perfect for building the anticipation of what's coming next!

Iv never been spanked but I'll defo give it a go, sounds up my street, like the thought of been tied up and not knowing what's coming next 😁

Thanks I'll look in to the wand πŸ˜€

Hi and welcome to the forums.

If you like being tied up then I'd recommend some silky restraints to start with as they're gentle and they can be removed quickly if needed. These are great.

If you want something a little bit harsher than silk, then these handcuffs (that are also in the sale, yay) are ideal for beginners too.

Welcome to the forum!

Hello and welcome to the forum

Good girl gone bad, or just starting out on the road to going bad?

Hi and welcome:)

Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy it on here.

Hello and welcome. I am exploring bondage and really like nipple and clit clamps. Don't be scared by the word clamp, there are beginner adjustable ones Lovehoney sell and are brilliant. Also bought a collar recently which makes me feel really kinky wearing it. Your partner would be in control of you whilst you're restrained and being clamped, sounds fun to me! And the collar being something he can hold you by too. Hella kinky 😻

Hello and welcome.

My personal recommendation is the under bed restraints

Enjoy xxx

‴ this.
Under bed restraints for sure

Oh, and hi welcome and enjoy the forum.

how about sex outdoors