New to Lovehoney

Hello my name is Cazz ,

this is my first day at Lovehoney, i work in the content team as content assistant!

Hi Cazz,

Hope you're enjoying your first day

Hello Cazz :) welcome hope you enjoy working at LH

Hey cazz :) you lucky thing working for such a good company and welcome hope u enjoy it x x

thanks guys ! i'm sure im going to settle in great , my first day is going really well

Hi Caz, Enjoy working at Lovehoney and welcome.

Hi caz and welcome x

Hi welcome .

hi Cazz, enjoy working at LH and us mad lot on here lol :)

hello cazz , welcome to the froums, hope you enjoy working at LH.

Hi Cazz :) I hope you're enjoying your first day working with such an amazing company!

Welcome Cazz. hope you have many successful and fun years at LH.

Hi Cazz, and welcome. Hope you enjoy working at LH! :)

Evening and welcome hope your ok!!!

Did you survive and are you going back for day 2?!

Haha yes I did thank you!... day 3 tomorrow :)

Hello Cazz :) welcome



Hi Cazz, I hope you have settled in well to the best company everrrr! (Not exaggerating here, honest lol). Where can we expect to see the most of you of? In the blogs, or forum, etc? Nice to see a new face! :)

Hello all, I new shy chap here x

Hi Cazz, hope your well? Good luck in your new venture and thanks for accepting, your pic looks gorgeous x