new to lube

i have never used a lube before because i've never really needed to, but my girlfriend and i just bought a strap on and i'm finding it hurts a lot to use, i thought it may be easier with a lube, but can't think of anyone to ask about it so if u could recomend a good lube i would luv you lol thanks anyone ho posts.

The best one I've used so far is Liquid Silk.
I wrote a review for it a while ago, but it hasn't came through yet.

I'm a huge fan of liquid silk which is water-based so it's fine with most toys. See the reviews here, most are really positive. Thing is it really is a case of trial and error to find what best works for you. If you're keen on avoiding parabens and other 'nasties' then sliquid might be a good bet I had their flavoured version and it was a good lube. Don't know if the 12% silicone would be a problem with silicone toys though???

cool thanks everyone that's given me a couple of ideas :)

I love using baby oil over my partners breasts and the liquid feel of it over her vagina. When using a larger toy in the past we've always used the oil to facilitate. What is the difference between baby oil and lube then?

Some toys will be wrecked by oil! And for those of us who use condoms, it's obviously a no no. To be honest, oil works for many, but it made me smell bad (ugh!) and may not be good for a woman's body down there. I'm not going to argue for lube if you find oil works for you, but to answer your question, lube is designed to help ease things into the vagina or other places and so is designed to be the best consistency etc and work with toys and condoms.

Lovehoney have a good article here if anyone wants more info

if your not to sure which lube to use,for the time being you could use baby oil like sonicq suggested or even vaseline ,then you could try a few differernt type,s,that way you can find which one you prefer,also have fun doing it.i,ve tried different types of lubes,but if thier isn,t any handy,then baby oil and vaseline is just as good but i would keep on trying to find which lube that suit you and that your happy with.

yeah things around the house are certainly cheaper, just remember that oil and vaseline will wreck condoms! Some companies do test packets of their lube eg fun factory, which is a much cheaper way to try out different lubes than shelling out for a whole bottle.