New to this forum

Hi I am new to the forum and just doing a small intro. I am very into Doctor Who and I am also into toys. I actually have an idea for a toy but it may not be something that would get made due to the copyrights and all. Anyway, I am in the U.S.A and in a steady relationship with my boyfriend. Been 4 years now and just recently been looking at websites for toys. Well he is anyway I have been looking since I was able to.

Sometimes it is a little difficult for us due to him having some disabilities but we manage. Only thing he can't use is his arms/hands. Everything else works very well.

I found this website/forum while watching the Netflix show Frisky Business and thought I would check it out.

Hello & welcome :-)

Hello & welcome :-)

Ô.o bit of an unusual introduction; into Doctor Who and toys?! But no worries, so are a few others of us here! 😉

Good to know that you and your partner aren't letting a disability get in the way of intimacy and enjoying each other. I hope the forums here provide you with some other ideas for you both to enjoy, as well as an avenue to talk about everyone's favourite subject...

Doctor Who!...No, sex!....or in the case of certain amongst us, sex with Doctor Who!!

In short, a very warm welcome and I hope you enjoy being here!

Hi there and welcome to the forums :) x

Hi, welcome to the forums :)


Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Hello :)

Hello and welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the forum! :-)

Hello and Welcome.

I think you and member Kittencub will have a lot in common :)

Hi and welcome x

Hi there! :)

Welcome Yes I'm the 12th doctors biggest fan I'd jump on him anyday gorgeous man,.

Hi & Welcome to the forums, have fun! X